olympic plumbing
A family owned business, Olympic Plumbing Technology’s experts are ready to advise you on your plumbing needs. Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology.

Ron Boeckmann and Kim Bosler, co-owners of Olympic Plumbing Technology met underwater in their former careers as commercial divers. After years of being underwater, Ron and Kim decided to stay above ground together, get married, return to their hometown of Olympia and open a water related business. The Boslers launched Olympic Plumbing Technology in 2007.

Olympic Plumbing Technology is well known for their excellent customer service, affordable pricing and high technology equipment. Olympic Plumbing Technology is a full service provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services.

In addition to general plumbing repairs, Olympic Plumbing Technology also offers services for drain cleaning, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, water service repair and replacement, complete whole-house plumbing, water heater replacement and tankless water heater installation.


olympic plumbing

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olympic plumbing

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olympic plumbing

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