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Olympia Energy Auditor, Bernie Miller has a passion for making your home more comfortable and efficient.
Olympia energy auditor, Bernie Miller has a passion for making your home more comfortable and efficient.

A home energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of how much energy your home or building structure inputs and outputs.  But, with Bernie Miller and Energy Efficiency First, you get much more than just a simple report.

Miller is a third-generation residential remodeler and renovator and uses his experience and knowledge of quality building practices in each audit he undertakes.  While there may be many things you could do to improve your home’s efficiency, and reduce your monthly costs, Miller’s knowledge of construction allows him to recommend the best and most feasible options for your home.

Once he started doing energy audits, Miller was hooked.  He is inspired to help people increase the energy efficiency, air quality, safety, comfort, and building durability of their homes.  Combining his construction experience with modern principles of building science, and with some inspiration from his wife, Jacqui, environmental law expertise, Energy Efficiency First was born.

When Miller identifies problems, he can put his resources to work to fix them. He manages a team of skilled professionals – another energy auditor, qualified weatherization technicians, several talented carpenters, and an office team to keep everyone organized.

To learn more, contact Energy Efficiency First at www.qualityrcss.com or 360.236.9684.

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