Lacey Glass at Home began in 1980 when Phil and Tina Zeutenhorst started installing residential windows, glass, and mirrors.

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The Lacey Glass at Home installers are experts in their field. Photo courtesy: Lacey Glass at Home.

Lacey Glass is the leading glass shop in the Pacific Northwest and the biggest advocate for natural daylighting in the area. Specializing in slope-glazing and dynamic daylighting, some of the commercial glass works are magnificent showpieces.

Yet it is the residential work and customers of Lacey Glass at Home that are at the heart of the nearly four decades of the small, local, family owned business.

Lacey Glass at Home can help with anything from small replacement glass for a picture frame to a major remodel or new construction. Lacey Glass at Home takes care of glass needs from exterior windows and doors to interior shelving, cabinet glass, mirrors, shower doors and skylights.

Lacey Glass at Home
1210 Homann Drive SE in Lacey

Glass Installation and Repair

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