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30+ Summer Camps around Olympia and Thurston County

  By Kathryn Millhorn “Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the very lap of May; but at length the season of summer does come,” promised Thomas Carlyle. Our mild winter kept us busier than usual, without the snow to drive us indoors. But amidst all the gorgeous spring activity, don’t forget to sign […]

Exploring the Trails and Beauty of the Capitol State Forest

  By Douglas Scott Capitol State Forest is located just five miles from downtown Olympia.  I encourage you to take the short trek to explore one of the hidden natural gems of Thurston and Grays Harbor Counties. At 91,650 acres in size, Capitol State Forest is larger than 19 National Parks and offers a myriad […]

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Thrifty Thurston Takes the Family to Spring Arts Walk, Procession of the Species

  By Alyssa Ramsfield Spring Arts Walk is the official start to a season of downtown Olympia fun. The free, family-friendly event is a highlight in Olympia and is scheduled for Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25.  Sculptures, photography, paintings and more will be on display throughout downtown Olympia. Along with viewing beautiful pieces […]

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Thrifty Thurston Baits a Lure to Fish in Thurston County

  By Douglas Scott A white and red orb floats on a lake, bobbing up and down with every ripple from the breeze. Methodically, it rocks, unaware that it will soon be the cause of shock, excitement and a moment which will be remembered and cherished forever. Connected to a line leading back to shore, […]

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Ease Your Daily Grind with Intercity Transit’s Bicycle Commuter Contest

  By Kathryn Millhorn In May, Thurston County’s Intercity Transit will host their annual Bicycle Commuter Contest. This month-long challenge, which began in 1988, rewards those who swap their car for a bike and is open to anyone within the county. In 2014, more than 1400 registrants logged an average 107 miles per rider, preventing […]

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Thrifty Thurston Takes a Walk at Woodard Bay

  By Megan Conklin When I took a gaggle of children out for some playtime at Woodard Bay last week, we were met with old familiar beauty and new, improved design. We walked the long, familiar paved road that turns to gravel and then, miraculously, to grass, sand and expansive blue water. We noticed new […]

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Thrifty Thurston – As West Bay Drive Construction Ends, Poems Emerge

  By Kelli Samson As a high school English teacher, my eyeballs are trained to notice words. That’s why I may have gasped a little when I noticed them appear as part of the sidewalk construction project while I creeped along in West Bay Drive traffic. The City of Olympia has incorporated a literary art project […]

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Rain Gardens – One Way You Can Help Keep Puget Sound Clean

  By Melanie Kallas Ricklefs Living near Puget Sound, the water is a part of who we are and what we do in our everyday lives. We are fortunate to have scenic beaches, bays, and coves to explore by boat, kayak, or paddle board. While paddling, we peer into the depths of the water looking […]

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Thrifty Thurston Hops into Easter Egg Hunts around Olympia

  By Alyssa Ramsfield Spring has sprung across our beautiful county. Flowers are blooming, the smell of freshly mowed grass wafts through the air, and the Easter Bunny is preparing to hop down his trail. Easter Egg hunts are popping up all over Thurston County this year for a formal beginning of spring. Thriftway Easter […]

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8 Spring Break Camps around Olympia

  By Alyssa Ramsfield The sun is shining and the flowers are beginning to bloom which can only mean one thing – Spring Break is just around the corner! As schools let out for break, parents and students are trying to find ways to enjoy every minute of it. Have no fear, Thurston County has […]

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