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Thrifty Thurston Lists the 2015 Festivals and Major Events around Olympia

  By Kate Scriven Thurston County is a vibrant community who loves to come together and celebrate. From parades and festivals to car shows and boating events, there is something for everyone nearly year round. Our events also attract people from outside the area to enjoy all Thurston County has to offer. And, since many […]

Thrifty Thurston Gets Entertained and Educated at Library Story Time

  By Megan Conklin My children and I visit various Timberland Regional Public Library branches at least twice a week. We check out an average of 50 books every two weeks. We go to activities at the library. We get our music from the library. We watch movies from the library. I cannot imagine my life […]

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2015 Thurston County “Bucket List” – 25 Ways to Explore Olympia

  By Kate Scriven Somehow it’s already mid-way through January 2015. A new year is stretching out ahead full of possibilities. Many people make resolutions this time of year – promises to themselves about actions and attitudes they wish to embrace. For our family, one action item is to explore and enjoy more the area in […]

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Thrifty Thurston Shares the Love of Nature at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

  By Jean Janes Just shy of the Thurston County line, the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is a world of trees, damselflies, and bird song. Seeking some fresh air and education, my son and I took a day to wander the trails at this lovely place. Like most four-year-olds, my son will only focus on […]

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New Year, New You at the South Sound YMCA

  Ok folks, it’s that time of year again: New Year’s Resolutions are upon us. The top 5 resolutions of 2014 echo a theme we can all relate to: Lose weight. Get organized. Spend less, save more. Enjoy life to the fullest. Stay fit and healthy. While more than 50% of Americans make some sort […]

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Thrifty Thurston Explores Local Museums

  By Sara Johnson When the autumn, and winter, and spring rains are upon us, Thurston County families start seeking out fun things to do indoors. One of my favorite things to do, whether traveling or staying right here in Thurston County, is visiting local museums. There are a heap of great museums to explore […]

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LEGO Lovers Create, Collaborate at the Timberland Regional Library’s LEGO Challenge

  By Megan Conklin My eight-year-old son, if stranded on the proverbial desert island, by his own admission would need only two things to survive the ordeal: LEGOs and books. So when his two favorite things collide at the Olympia Timberland Library’s monthly LEGO Challenge, he is blissfully happy. The LEGO Challenge is the brainchild […]

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12 Reasons + 12 Months of 5ks to Keep Olympia Runners Motivated in 2015

  By Anne Larsen I love 5ks! Really, I do. The first race I ever did was a 5k. It was slow and painful and I walked funny for days afterwards, but I did it. After that 5k I signed up for any race I could come across to keep me motivated. I drove to […]

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Run Together – Olympia Running Groups Help You Meet Your 2015 Goals

  By Anne Larsen Let’s get ready to run together, again. I’ve taken a break from running and writing, but the two things I love are coming back together for this article. Let’s start with a chat about local running groups. Running groups are where it’s at, and they are starting up in full-force again […]

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Thrifty Thurston Travels on 10 Winter Weather Walks

  By Holly Smith Peterson Sometimes you just have to get outdoors during winter in the Pacific Northwest — earmark that mantra to infinity if you have kids of any age. And if you’re in or near Thurston County, you’re lucky; with 25 county-owned regional park sites that encompass some 47.5 miles of recreational trails […]

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