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Thrifty Thurston Visits the Thurston County Fair on a Dime

  By Kate Scriven There is something about a county fair that appeals to the “urban-farm girl” persona I’m cultivating on my little plot of land near Boston Harbor.  Attending a fair feels different than a carnival or festival.  It’s somehow closer to our roots, celebrating hard work, commitment, and the crafts and skills of [...]

Thrifty Thurston Throws Snowballs during Christmas in July at Huntamer Park

  By Kathryn Millhorn As much as we revel in long days, cool evenings, and free vitamin D, sometimes the sunny weather can overdo it a little.  With this in mind, the wise souls behind Lacey In Tune’s Summer Concerts in the Park are hosting a freebie that’s sure to do the trick: Christmas in [...]

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10 Free Ways to Cool Off in Olympia (+1 that Costs $1)

    Hot!  That’s the weather forecast for the next five days at least.  Olympia residents aren’t accustomed to 90+ degree weather and it can sometimes feel sweltering.  How do you cool off around Olympia without spending a dime? Here are 10 ideas to keep your cool during these hot weather days. Visit your local [...]

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Picturesque Picnic Places in Thurston County

  By Lisa Herrick Few things are more enjoyable and easier than a summer picnic-especially when natural beauty surrounds us in Thurston County. Whether headed out to a local park with kids, a romantic excursion by the water, or mid-week break with work buddies the picnicking options are plentiful. Simply grab your picnic basket and [...]

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Thrifty Thurston Cruises Olympia Area Beaches

  By Kate Scriven With the warming days comes a return to favorite haunts that may not be so inviting during the chilly Pacific Northwest winter.  People emerge along the downtown boardwalk.  Parks are teeming with happy children.  Squeals of delight can be heard from the fountain. For our family, though, the best place on [...]

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Hop Off the Couch and Try Low-Cost Teen Activities around Olympia

  By Libby Kamrowski For many, summer is a time of relaxation. It’s pleasant to catch up on sleep and to throw your alarm clock into your below-bed abyss. Binge-watching Netflix for a day never hurt anyone, but the world is waiting outside of your door! In Thurston County, there are many low-cost options to [...]

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Thrifty Thurston Splashes into Puget Sound

  By Lisa Herrick Adventures in the water of Puget Sound are plentiful. And there is no better time than the summer to take the kids out for a free swim in the salt water or an inexpensive excursion renting a water vessel.  Even take advantage of the ebb and flow of the Puget Sound [...]

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Thurston County’s Great Outdoors Offers Something for Everyone

  By Kate Scriven The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and vacation days at work are begging to be used.  It’s summer and in Thurston County, that means getting outside to enjoy the great outdoors.  Uniquely located at southern end of the Puget Sound, Thurston County is home to a vast [...]

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Olympia After Dark – Discover Things To Do Around Thurston County When the Sun Goes Down

  By Kathryn Millhorn Let’s face it, there’s a window of aging where you don’t get out much.  When you’re footloose and fancy free, every night is an adventure of music, movies, or activities that you put on hold while raising young children.  But once they obtain a modicum of independence, you can hire a [...]

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2014 Two County Ride Marks Highest Attendance in Four Years

  Submitted by Capital Bicycling Club Capital Bicycling Club’s flagship event ride hosted 150% as many riders in 2014 as in 2013. 371 riders from across Washington and British Columbia converged on Tumwater City Hall on Sunday, June 22 to participate in the 32nd annual Two County Double Metric hosted by the Capital Bicycling Club. [...]

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