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Forget the Couch – Paddle Boarding is the Latest in Restorative Therapy

  By Leslie Merchant Got an hour in the middle of the day? Need a little friend therapy? Instead of making plans to meet for lunch or at the coffee shop, why not get out and meet on Puget Sound? Five Steamboat Island moms (and one Steamboat Island pup) recently decided to shake things up […]

Thrifty Thurston Finds Nature During Fee Free Days at Washington State Parks

  By Douglas Scott The State of Washington is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world, and the majority of them are just a few shorts hours from home. Our extended backyards lead to majestic mountains, tranquil beaches and old growth forests, many of which are located in State Parks or […]

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Thrifty Thurston Digs Up Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

  By Kate Scriven Any parent understands the competing reactions that occur when a birthday party invitation comes home from school or arrives in the mail. The child is elated and can’t wait to attend. The parent feels less enthusiastic, knowing a party entails seeking yet another gift to wrap and deliver. What to get? Do […]

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Thomas Mani – Saving the Day for Busy Beekeepers

  By Heidi Smith Imagine this: You’re environmentally conscious, donate to green groups, and actively work to minimize your carbon footprint. You’ve heard about the steady decline of honey bees over the past few decades and want to help, but maybe your job and family duties keep you occupied. It’s unrealistic for you to tend […]

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Native Plant Sales and Seed Exchanges: Affordable and Beneficial Options for Spring Planting

  By Melanie Kallas Ricklefs Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes longer days, warmer temperatures, and the opportunity to create a garden oasis in your backyard. There are so many types of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants to choose from when designing your landscape, but not all have the same benefits. If you […]

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Bill and Shawn Stevenson – Father Son Duo Ride and Work in Tandem

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis A defining moment for Bill Stevenson and his life-long relationship with bicycles happened not long after he got out of the Army. He was looking for a job. As life would have it, he received two offers at the same time and decided to take both. One was a 25 minute […]

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Why are the Orcas Visiting Olympia?

  By Douglas Scott Thurston County is a diverse ecosystem, a region of land and water with numerous species of animals in and out of Puget Sound. Whether you go birding at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, see deer and elk in the forests, find an illusive bear deep in the woods, or watch the returning salmon […]

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Thrifty Thurston Makes a Valentine’s Day Date with the Kids

  By Megan Conklin What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? I unwittingly planned my next eighteen or so Valentine’s Days three years ago when I gave birth to my fourth child, our daughter Grace, on this romantic, pink hued holiday. When discussing my due date with my midwives, I adamantly refused to acknowledge the […]

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Three Date Nights around Olympia to Impress Your Sweetheart

  By Kelli Samson Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This year, why not let that date on the calendar serve as a reminder to spend some quality time with your sweetie? No pressure. It certainly doesn’t have to be on February 14 (which is a Saturday this year, in case you hadn’t checked). But […]

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Thrifty Thurston Lists the 2015 Festivals and Major Events around Olympia

  By Kate Scriven Thurston County is a vibrant community who loves to come together and celebrate. From parades and festivals to car shows and boating events, there is something for everyone nearly year round. Our events also attract people from outside the area to enjoy all Thurston County has to offer. And, since many […]

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