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Ask Jeff Sprengel about Panorama’s Plants, Flowers, Trees

  By Gail Wood Five years ago, several residents at Lacey’s Panorama put together a map of their neighborhood, naming some of its plants and trees. They identified about 30 different types of trees but were stumped by the rest.  Curious, they turned for help and asked Jeff Sprengel for his input. What followed surprised [...]

Thrifty Thurston Explores the Olympia Farmers Market Through a Child’s Eyes

  By Kate Scriven “What do you like best about the Olympia Farmers Market?” I asked local children last week during the opening days of the Market.  I was curious to know what it was about the Market that makes them beg to go, smile from ear to ear while there, and never tire of [...]

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Ukrainian Egg Dyeing – A Family Tradition

  By Doris Faltys I remember as a child looking into the cabinet at the eggs sent by relatives from the Czech Republic. Elaborately decorated, I knew they were real eggs but I could not imagine how they had been painted.  The designs were fine and intricate; the colors vibrant.  Nothing like the eggs my [...]

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GRuB Garden – The Greenest Investment You’ll Make This Year

  Submitted by Cecelia Watkins for GRuB The large room is full of people, standing and sitting, some with hands in pockets and others holding gently onto their kids. A nervous but excited air permeates the space, and one man begins.  “Collard greens,” he announces. “Yep, definitely collard greens.” The original question was what vegetable people [...]

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Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway Host Olympia Easter Egg Hunting Fun

  By Kate Scriven Easter is just around the corner, and my kids aren’t letting me forget it.  Speculation as to whether it will be rainy or sunny, the eggs will be filled with candy or stickers (they prefer the former, I prefer the latter) and which local egg hunts our family will attend has [...]

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Thrifty Thurston Lists 2014 Easter Egg Hunts around Olympia

  By Kate Scriven This year the Easter holiday comes quite late.  April 20 is the day, leaving us plenty of time to prepare our baskets, purchase Easter outfits, and scope out the best hunts in town.  With the late Spring date, chances of sunny weather for the Easter Bunny are also increased greatly, making [...]

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Everyone Invited to Play at Olympic Cards and Comics on Tabletop Day

  By Eric Wilson-Edge Some of the best moments from my childhood were spent around a table.  Here I strategized, moving my plastic army into position.  The goal was victory and bragging rights.  My friends and I played Risk late into the night to the point of exhaustion and delirious laughter.  By the end the [...]

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Thrifty Thurston Turns Trash into Treasures

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Looking to drop a few pounds? How about a lot? I don’t mean the weight around your waist; I mean the weight around your neck. The stuff of life that clutters our closets, garages and drawers. Cleaning out a few of these areas will clear your head and your house [...]

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Build a Happier, Healthier Kid with the South Sound YMCA

  In this region, Spring Fever doesn’t take long to set in.  My 5 year old was asking to play in the sprinklers within seconds of a positive weather report. She was crushed after our trip to the window illustrated the other age-old adage: spring showers. But one easy place to burn off extra energy, [...]

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Great Western Supply & The Barn Nursery: Taking Green To A Whole New Level

  For more than 100 years, the family behind Great Western Supply and The Barn Nursery have provided more than simply quality products at great prices; they want to instill “good health and happiness to customers” through gardening, landscaping, and Western Washington know-how. In 1978, the O’Neill family opened the current iteration of Great Western Supply as [...]

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