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Step Inside the T-Bird Nation at Tumwater High School

By Taylor Tryon, Tumwater High School Intern to ThurstonTalk After a dreary fall week, nothing brings Tumwater alive like Friday Night Football. The halls of Tumwater High School are always abuzz with talk of the night ahead. Signs splashed across every wall, cheerleaders in uniform, players in their jerseys, and the mascot roaming the halls [...]

Doug Briggs’ Cougars Win with Teamwork in the Black Hills Junior Football League

  By Gail Wood It’s another football practice, another workout for Doug Briggs’ team. And as he’s moving players into position on defense, telling them their responsibilities, something amazing happened. They listened. “That’s the strength to this team,” Briggs said. They’re listeners and doers. And they’re not too bad at blocking and tackling. The Cougars, [...]

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C.A.D: Inside The Capital High School Football Team

  By Lauren Frasier, Capital High School Intern to ThurstonTalk There’s one phrase on the minds of each member of Capital High School’s football team this year: C.A.D. They know it like they know every single play and route. It’s a fundamental part of who the team is and what they stand for. Introduced by [...]

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Sophie Kabel Proves Herself in the Goal

  By Sara Hollar, Olympia High School Intern to ThurstonTalk Last fall, the entire Olympia High School girl’s soccer team held their breath as four separate games ended in shoot-outs to decide their fate in the Class 4A state tournament. The players worked hard to put penalty kicks into the other team’s goal but they [...]

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Five High School Students Show How US Martial Arts Emphasizes Building Character

  By Gail Wood As she learned how to jump kick and box in her martial arts class, Brianna Asman surprisingly found the courage to pursue her real passion – theater. “If it wasn’t for this,” Asman said as she looked around at students practicing martial arts, “I’d be home reading a book. I like [...]

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Olympia High School’s Four Baton Twirlers Put On a Crowd Pleasing Show

  By Gail Wood Somehow, they made the complex – catching and throwing a 25-inch baton – deceptively simple. As the baton twirled in the air high above them, they’d dance or do a cartwheel, then when the falling baton was right above them, they’d reach up and catch it, spin it magically in their [...]

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Capital’s All-American Jacob Johnson Plays Three Sports with Heart

  By Gail Wood Depending on the time of year, Jacob Johnson is either making a tackle, passing for an assist or snagging a fly ball on a sprint. In an age of specialization where kids often focus on one sport, Johnson is a three-sport starter, playing football, basketball and baseball at Capital High School. [...]

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Small Town Celebrities – Coaches Gallegos, Key and Smith Lead Youth Football Team

  By Gail Wood There were a lot of other places they could have been. But over an hour before kickoff, the three coaches – Tony Gallegos, Shane Key and Leonard Smith – were putting their seventh-and-eighth grade youth football team through some plays, preparing for the game. “Don’t let them get to the outside,” [...]

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Simon Calcavecchia – A Rugby Player’s Journey Back to the Sport He Loves

  By Nikki McCoy Eight players, donned in jerseys and sweatbands, and seated in what looks like armor-laden wheelchairs, circle the floor. Then one team makes a play, and it’s the smashing and crashing of wheels, bodies and ball. Wheelchair rugby may be Simon Calcavecchia’s latest hobby – but it’s not new. Before an injury [...]

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Getting Dirty at the 2014 Rampage at the RAC Obstacle Course

  By Kathryn Millhorn Obstacles are something to be overcome and rarely is doing so much fun.  That all changes at the upcoming 2014 Rampage at the RAC.  On Saturday, October 11, Lacey’s Regional Athletic Complex will be transformed into a mammoth 5k course to be tackled directly—and muddily—by one and all. Lacey Parks and [...]

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