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Meet Three Generations of Amazing Thurston County Equestriennes

  By Katie Doolittle Clearly, Vicki Powers was destined for the equestrian life. Powers was twelve when she won her first horse in a contest drawing. “My mother only let me enter because she knew I wouldn’t win.” She grins. “I won.” It’s been a guiding passion for Powers, and one she’s passed on to [...]

Capital’s Ryan Chase and Yelm’s James Rodeman Finish High at Track and Field Junior Olympics

  By Tom Rohrer In the decathlon, versatility is a requirement. Within the two day competition, athletes must perform in the following ten events – long jump, 1,500 meter run, javelin, pole vault, high jump, 400 meter and 100 meter dash, 110 meter hurdles, shot put and discus. Used to determine the world’s best female [...]

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John Clarke Organizes Socializing, Exercise on Bike Ride from Panorama to McDonald’s

  By Gail Wood They’ve become regular Saturday morning customers, eating as they talk. Since 1998, a group of friends from Panorama, with John Clarke usually leading the way, have ridden their bikes three miles down the Chehalis Western Trail to the McDonald’s restaurant on Yelm Highway. They have breakfast, talk and have a good [...]

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Owen Timms No Stranger to National Sailing Competitions

  By Tom Rohrer There’s something about being on the water that brings out the best in Owen Timms. The 13-year-old, soon to be eighth grader at Nova Middle School, has gone from sailing enthusiast to amateur racing expert in less than half a decade. “I love being out on the water.  Sailing is one of [...]

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Scott Rowley & Erin Pratt – Friends with Olympia Area Rowing, Competitors during Olympia Traverse

  By Tom Rohrer Most people agree that a friend will be there to help, whenever needed. A friend supports decisions and choices, even if they challenge their comrade along the way.  But some friends will go to great lengths to defeat each other in competition, no matter how close the relationship has been over [...]

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Grandma And Grandpa Get the Cheers At Washington’s Senior Games

  By Gail Wood The one-time cheerer has become the cheered. It’s role reversal. Because of the Puget Sound Senior Games, the grandparent who once cheered for the grandchild to get a hit, score a basket or make a tackle, they are now the ones getting the cheers, the “that away” yells. “All of us, [...]

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Mackenzie Bowen Puts Her Team First

  By Tom Rohrer Before our interview concluded, Mackenzie Bowen had one final request. Bowen, soon to be a senior at Tumwater High School, wanted to make sure her volleyball accomplishments spoke for themselves. “I don’t want it to seem like I think I’m really good,” said Bowen, who has been a varsity player at [...]

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Pickleball Fans Gain Dedicated Court Space at Capitol City Tennis

  By Tom Rohrer A state known for creativity and innovation, it should come to no surprise that Washington is the birthplace of pickleball.  Invented by former State Representative Joel Pritchard and friends on Bainbridge Island in the 1960s, the sport has developed a strong, yet obscure, following in the great Pacific Northwest. In areas [...]

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James White Jr. Relishing Racing Opportunities at Rainier Flat Track

  By Tom Rohrer When James White Jr. first put his bike on the starting line three years ago, a rush of fear overtook him. The close quarters between riders on the Rainier Flat Track can be intimidating and constricting to new riders, and White Jr. was no exception. “I was a little scared at [...]

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Jessica Dana Still Chasing Her Dream of Racing NASCAR

  By Gail Wood She’s become a familiar scene at South Sound Speedway, racing her late-model white Chevy Impala with No. 12 in black on the car door. Jessica Dana is the gusty, step-on-it race car driver chasing a dream – she wants to become NASCAR’s next Danica Patrick. Four years ago, at just 15, [...]

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