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Gabriel Barnes: Capital High Freshman Phenomenon is All About Golf

  By Kelli Samson Remember what it was like to only have the simple responsibilities of school, your favorite activity, and some chores at home? No meals to cook, no groceries to buy, no children in need of raising. Just you and time to focus on being in love with your favorite sport or activity. [...]

Mike’s Hiking for Heroes – Going the Distance for Those Who Gave Their All

  By Jean Janes It would be so much easier not to think about the warfare our country has been embroiled in for over a decade now, easier not to think about the toll that our military families have paid and continue to pay each day. It would be easier not to think about the [...]

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Chelsea Kelley Lands a Hole-in-One at the Olympia Country & Golf Club

  By Tom Rohrer A hole-in-one evokes a sense of accomplishment rarely matched in athletics. That is, only for the one who made the shot. For friends and fellow players, an “ace” can bring about an overwhelming sense of jealously and longing.  Following her first ever “one-stroke” this past weekend, Chelsea Kelley witnessed the unflattering [...]

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Capital High School Dance Team Accomplishes Goals as a Family

  By Tom Rohrer All families find themselves, at some point, in a difficult situation.  Together, it creates a strong bond within the group that ultimately makes the eventual turning point that much sweeter. After eleven months of conditioning, rehearsals, practices, cross country traveling and performances, the “family” that is the Capital High School Dance [...]

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Small Town Celebrities – Coaches Steve, Matt & Barry Lead Youth Soccer Team

  By Amy Rowley They are there in the rain, organizing drills when the wind is ripping through three layers of clothes.  They dodge balls of hail and shield their eyes from sun rays.  In my life, Steve Hamilton, Matt Bell, and Barry Diseth are more reliable than the postal service. Together, the three coaches [...]

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Your Healthcare Connection: Olympia Orthopaedic’s Cycling Team Partners with Doctors to Overcome Injury

  By Kate Scriven The Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling Team is a diverse group of dedicated individuals who train, race, and ride together throughout the year.  Sponsored by Olympia Orthopaedics, the team features road, mountain, track and cyclo-cross racing.  This community of individuals is not simply dedicated to winning, but to the mentoring and promotion [...]

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Tumwater Boys Soccer Matches Up Against Stadium in Relay for Life Fundraiser

  By Tom Rohrer Along with his desire to be a strong and loving father, husband and son, Chris Miller is driven by another belief. “I strongly believe that in my lifetime, there will be a cure for cancer,” said Miller.  Along with his wife, Christy, he serves as the co-captain and creator of Lords [...]

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Tumwater’s Dance Team Adds Two More State Championships

  By Tom Rohrer When she took over as head coach for the Tumwater High School Dance Team 18 years ago, Kim Hille didn’t think it was possible to ascend to the program’s current status. “No, I had no idea that we would be in this position today,” she said.  “(The program) has turned into [...]

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Feldmeier, Russell Prepare to Leave Tumwater Track Legacy

  By Tom Rohrer Put aside the state championships, collegiate scholarships and national recognition and you’ll find that Lane Russell and Brooke Feldmeier are teammates first. The two seniors are Tumwater High School track and field superstars.  They are now in the early stages of their final high school track and field seasons and have [...]

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Seventeen, Going on Journalist

  By Libby Kamrowski, Timberline High School Intern to ThurstonTalk As a stream of sweatsuit-wearing athletes coasted by with proud mothers sporting their letterman jackets, and parking already full, I joined the crowd with my camera bag and notepad at a bright and early 8:45 a.m. I wasn’t at the Tacoma Dome during the WIAA [...]

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