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Olympia Farmers Market Opens for the Season

  The Olympia Farmers Market opened for its 40th season on Thursday, April 2.  From April – October, the Olympia Farmers Market remains open Thursdays – Sundays.  Step inside the sights, sounds, and colors of Opening Day of the Olympia Farmers Market.  Learn more about the history of this local gem here.

Rescue Task Force Runs Through an Active Shooter Exercise

  Photos by Laurie O’Brien On April 1, 2015, a ThurstonTalk camera was on site for an Active Shooter Drill held at South Puget Sound Community College. Sponsored by Homeland Security Region 3, the drill conducted by the Olympia Police Department and the Olympia Fire Department included participants from over 30 local and regional agencies including […]

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Olympia Area Rowing’s Junior Rowers

  By Olivia Richards, Avanti High School Intern to ThurstonTalk Every week day the Swantown Marina in downtown Olympia plays host to Olympia Area Rowing’s Junior Rowers. After the rowers finish school for the day, they head down to the docks for their daily practice. Although intensely strenuous, every dedicated team member seems to have a huge admiration for the sport. The […]

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Experience Olympia’s Arbutus Folk School

  Photo by Olivia Richards, Avanti High School Intern to ThurstonTalk Arbutus Folk School is located downtown Olympia on Fourth Avenue right across from Olympia City Hall. Originally, Arbutus was in a different spot but has recently moved to the their new, larger location. This is an amazing venue run by founder Stacey Waterman and through the help […]

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An Olympia Valentine’s Day off the Beaten Path

  Photos by Laurie Wetherford, Pope John Paul II Intern to ThurstonTalk Valentine’s Day can just be about chocolate and flowers, but it can also be so much more.  Think outside the box and visit someplace off the beaten path for a more unique Valentine’s Day experience.  Stroll through the park hand in hand, catch […]

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A Peek Inside Olympia’s Avanti High School

  By Olivia Richards, Avanti High School Intern to ThurstonTalk Avanti High School is located on Legion way, near downtown Olympia. With an open campus lunch and two separate sessions of the day, the students who attend are highly  independent. In addition to their school day, students are expected to complete at least three hours of work […]

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Orcas in Budd Inlet

  For the past week or so, a pod of migratory Orcas have been viewed playing, eating, and socializing just off Boston Harbor.  It’s a treat for Olympia residents and visitors alike.  Thanks to our friend, Chris Hamilton, for sharing these outstanding images of the Orcas over the past week.

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Olympia Celebrates the Holidays

  By Olivia Richards, Avanti High School Intern to ThurstonTalk The Thurston area is in full holiday swing. Almost all store fronts have lights in their windows. People crowd the streets to finish up their holiday shopping. Outside of the Washington Center for the Performing Arts people play in “snow” (bubbles blown out to the the […]

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Providence Christmas Forest 2014

  Photos by Laurie Wetherford, Pope John Paul II High School Intern to ThurstonTalk The Providence St. Peter Foundation’s Christmas Forest is an annual holiday tradition at the Olympia, Washington Red Lion Hotel.  Not only are the fabulously decorated trees a sight to behold, but the entertainers and organized events provide a time to build […]

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A Walk Through Downtown Olympia

  By Olivia Richards, Avanti High School Intern to ThurstonTalk As the temperature drops and winter approaches, people need a place to cozy up outside of their homes. There are lots of warm small shops and cafés that you can duck into and grab a quick bite to eat, shop, hangout with friends, and much […]

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