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History of Foursquare Church in Downtown Olympia

  By Emmett O’Connell What we now call the Church of the Living Water saw its roots find soil in Olympia on 4th Avenue in the 1930s. The Foursquare Church (of which the Church of the Living Water is a member) found one its first homes in the building at 911 Fourth Ave East in […]

Olympia Newspaper Advertisements of 100 Years Ago

  By Jennifer Crooks We often encounter advertisements in our daily life. Meant to attract attention, show uniqueness and above all sell their product, they seemingly wallpaper today’s world. Advertisements were also very prevalent 100 years ago. With radio in its infancy, television and the Internet decades away, print advertisements in newspapers were a major […]

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Beacon of Hope: The Origins of the American Red Cross in Thurston County

  By Jennifer Crooks The American Red Cross, founded in 1881, has had an impact on the Pacific Northwest long before the creation of the Thurston County Chapter of the Red Cross in 1917. Formed to be part of the American homefront during World War I (1914-1918), the Red Cross in Thurston County survived World […]

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100-Year-Old Lost Lake House Added to Thurston County Historic Register

  Submitted by Thurston County Thurston County has added a 1900s-era log house to its inventory of 140 historic sites. The cabin-style structure is located near the Nisqually Indian Reservation in North Thurston County. Situated on the edge of spring-fed Lost Lake, it is believed to have been built almost 100 years ago. Its original […]

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Aberdeen Founders’ Day – A Celebration of Bearded Men and the City’s Lively History

  By Chelsea Royer Why road trip to Aberdeen? Often when out of town, the people I speak to aren’t sure where Aberdeen is. More often, people know it as the town they pass through on their way to the Pacific Ocean. In the effort to make it through traffic and reach their destination, most travelers […]

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