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Full Circle: Local Family Pays it Forward to the Thurston County Food Bank

  By Kelli Samson One of my personal credos is Ghandi’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” But it’s hard. Sometimes it feels like all we can do is so small that it won’t amount to anything. But what if it did? What if we took someone’s generosity toward us and […]

Appetizing Party Ideas from Bayview and Ralph’s Thriftway

  By Katie Hurley The holidays are a great time to gather with friends and family for fun, food and celebration. To make the most of your time together, appetizers are a great way to feed the crowds without spending the whole party in the kitchen. Bayview and Ralph’s Thriftway stores have everything you need […]

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Sandstone Distillery Blends Tenino History with Unique Regional Industry

  By Holly Smith Peterson It’s at the end of a winding drive through the bucolic cattle pastures and alpaca farms of Tenino that you’ll find the large red, purpose-built warehouse encompassing Sandstone Distillery. What you might not know after stumbling upon it is that it’s Thurston County’s sole craft liquor production site, and the […]

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Warm up with Festive Winter Cocktails at 3 Olympia Bars

  By Kelli Samson Baby, it’s cold outside. Lucky for you, a few classy joints in town have got what it takes to warm you right up. Along with the longer nights comes a need for cozying up, hunkering down, and connecting with friends. It’s almost as if we are wired to emotionally survive the […]

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Donedei Wines: A Taste of France in Thurston County

  By Margo Greenman France and Italy are both often revered as two of the most enchanting and romantic destinations on earth. Exquisite wines, sumptuous eats and breathtaking sights – all of which are offered in abundance – set a magical stage for charming visits through vineyards, candlelit tours across canals, and more. While many […]

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South Sound Farm to Fork Event Brings Farmers and Food Buyers Together

  By Jennifer Crain When you see a note on a menu identifying the farm that grew the vegetables in your salad, it’s easy to picture the restaurant’s chef out on the farm with the grower, ambling through sunlit rows of Russian kale. But listening to an assembly of local food producers and food buyers […]

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Giving Thanks for Pie – Where to Find a Fabulous Pie around Olympia

  By Kathryn Millhorn “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” proclaimed Carl Sagan.  For those of us with day jobs, thankfully there are places around town that will do the work for you.  From scratch.  No universe required. If local, timeless classic fruit and berry […]

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Traditions and Additions – Local Shopping Tips for Thanksgiving

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Turkey? Dressing? Cranberry Sauce? Yes, yes, and yes. Traditional favorites become favorites for a reason. They tickle long held memories as your soul is satisfied. Plus, the tastes are delicious. Whether you are shopping for a banquet of family ‘musts,’ or hoping to expand your repertoire, both Ralph’s Thriftway and […]

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Jeanine Jacobson – Playing the Piano is as Natural as Breathing

  By Leslie Merchant Certain people just get it. Math just makes sense, art is intuitive, and technology is as addictive to some as sweets are to others. Playing an instrument is instinctive for a lucky few. For local classical pianist Jeanine Jacobson, playing music is as natural as breathing. I admit I fantasize about […]

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Pure Love Chocolate: Offering Total Bliss without the Sugar

  By Gale Hemmann Chocolate. See, just mentioning the word gets your attention. This delicacy has a long and revered role in human history, and has often been called (justifiably, in my opinion) “the food of the gods.” It’s an instant pick-me-up, a private treat on a busy day. But as anyone with dietary restrictions […]

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