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The Zaniac’s Journey – From Footbag to Comedy

  By Lisa Herrick You can never predict what you will discover while standing on the soccer sidelines.  Although my kids claim I was eavesdropping, I contend that the conversation was exuberant and loud enough for all to hear. Once you meet the energetic and wacky Alex Zerbe, my assertion becomes quite believable. The more [...]

Top Rung Brewing – Crafting Great Beer and Community Connections

  By Kate Scriven The Brewer’s Association, a group dedicated to the promotion and support of Craft Brewers since 1942, defines a “craft brewer” as three things:  small, independent, and traditional.  These hallmarks are important and set apart a true craftsman from a larger manufacturer or corporate owned operation. Washington ranks in the top five [...]

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Is Emma Jaques the Next Macklemore?

  By Tali Haller For many people, finding their true passion can be a lifelong search. But Olympia High School student Emma Jaques has been lucky enough to discover her key to happiness early on. “Music,” she emphasized. “That’s all I want.” On a whim, Jaques began taking guitar lessons as an eighth grader. Adding [...]

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Ira Coyne – Local Sign Painter Leaves His Mark in Olympia

  By Kelli Samson We take them for granted, but signs are incredibly important. They invite us in or keep us out. A sign can tell us a lot about a business owner or the wares and services inside: playful or practical, fancy or funky. How many times have you really taken a look at [...]

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Fresh Lobster, Fish Under a Tent at Bayview Thriftway

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Lucky us. We can eat fresh fish without exerting much effort. Simply go to either Ralph’s Thriftway or Bayview Thriftway and point to what you want.  There are icy beds topped with halibut, shrimp, salmon and more. This Friday, April 11, Bayview will pitch a huge tent in the parking [...]

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Reeling in the Creativity: Olympia Film Collective Captures South Sound Life One Film at a Time

  By Gale Hemmann Formed in 2012, the Olympia Film Collective already boasts a hearty array of accomplishments. They have created seven short films, and are working away on new projects. They won two awards at the Tacoma 72-Hour Film Competition. And, perhaps most importantly, this eleven-member group is revitalizing film culture in Olympia and [...]

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Van’s Burger Celebrates 15 Years

  By Eric Wilson-Edge It’s 10:15 in the morning.  Van’s Burger doesn’t open for another 45 minutes. There’s already a car waiting in line.  Dennis Gift and Sharon Madsack sit patiently with their dog Yogi. The couple have been coming to Van’s since the business started 15 years ago. “I wanted to be first this [...]

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Actors of a Certain Age Entertain at Scatter Creek Winery

  By Alec Clayton Bonnie Vandver had a problem. She’s an actress, she’s been around quite some time, and she has become frustrated because there are not many roles for older actresses. And then she found a solution to her problem. She remembered going to Westport Winery a few years ago for a murder mystery [...]

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Spring Celebrations of Easter and Passover in Olympia

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Spring marks the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ, the Jewish celebration of the deliverance from slavery in Egypt and the secular celebration of the arrival of the Easter Bunny. Many people integrate their festivities by sharing meals, egg decorating and religious services with friends and family. I can [...]

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Swirling Up a Green Smoothie

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis I used to think ‘greens’ meant grass – like on the golf course. Then I learned greens were leafy things primarily eaten in the south. Overcooked spinach doused in vinegar and butter was as close to greens as my Midwest upbringing brought me. As I dove into my nutrition education, [...]

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