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Grace Bell Peddles Gelato by Bike around Olympia

  By Tali Haller Gelato, fun people, a day out and about around town, and sun – how could that get any better, right? Well, maybe getting paid to be there. Welcome to recent Olympia High School graduate Grace Bell’s summer job: riding a Gelato Bike around downtown Olympia for Adam Adrian, the owner of [...]

Follow these Natural Directions to the Thurston County Fair

  The Thurston County Fair is always a high point of summer.  This year’s festivities promise to be Fun for the Whole Herd.  The Fair runs Wednesday July 30 through Sunday August 3.  Eager beavers and thrifty souls alike will line up for One Buck Wednesday to enjoy the array of music, vendors, animals, and [...]

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Plentiful Produce – Ideas, Recipes for Bountiful Farm Fresh Produce

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Congratulations! The alluring vegetables at the Farmers Market called your name, and you’ve arrived at home with two bags full of exceptionally fresh produce. Or, like me, you picked up your CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) bag or box plus a few extra goodies. In any event, the kitchen counter is [...]

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Gile Blueberry Farm Offers Flavor and Fond Memories

  By Katie Doolittle The ghosts of summers past haunt Gile Blueberry Farm. Ken Gile, the current proprietor, can readily recall the long-ago days when crowds of neighbors and school children hired on as summer berry pickers. Everyone’s bare feet would turn black and itchy from roving all day over the meticulously tilled earth. Back [...]

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Spotlight on Spud’s: Smoked Salmon from Briney Sea Delicaseas

  By Jennifer Crain When Jay Garrison was a boy he used to go fishing on his grandfather’s farm in Montana. He was intimidated by the cows that occupied the pasture next to the creek, but he braved them anyway, eager to bring home a trout he caught himself. He’d carry it home and give [...]

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Sandra Bocas: The Woman Behind ‘Hot Babe Hot Sauce’ Wants to Color Your World

  By Kelli Samson With a name like “Hot Babe Hot Sauce,” how can you be anything but intrigued? The “hot babe” cannot be separated from the hot sauce, so let me introduce you to her first. Sandra Bocas is enchanting. She has clear, dancing blue eyes that hold one’s gaze, and her Caribbean accent [...]

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Mad for Ostrom’s Mushrooms

  By Katie Hurley During the summer, most of us do our best to take advantage of the locally grown bounty that Thurston County summers offer.  But one locally grown product stands out for it’s year-round availability and many other compelling reasons. I’m talking about mushrooms. Locally grown Ostrom’s Mushrooms, available at Ralph’s and Bayview [...]

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Thurston County Residents Share BBQ Recipes

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis It’s time to take the cover off the grill, open up the lawn chairs and brew a pitcher of sun tea. Here’s what I learned from my extensive research on the getting it right on the BBQ – it’s purely personal. Everyone has an idea of perfection. What’s yours? First [...]

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Flipping Out over Filipino Phil’s Sauces

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Filipino Phil is a big man with an equally big heart. His zest for life comes through loud and clear when your lips wrap around food dunked, blended or topped with any of his Filipino Phil’s Nuclear Chipotle Sauces. Bold and bright, these multi-purpose sauces are ready to add greater [...]

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Pop into a Local Canning Class

  By Katie Doolittle Home canning: it’s a chance to preserve the season’s bounty. It’s also an excellent option for people wanting more control over their pantry or pocketbook. Whenever I slather my morning toast with homemade blackberry jam, I get a bit of self-satisfaction as extra sweetener. Picking those berries cost nothing more than [...]

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