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Giving Thanks for Pie – Where to Find a Fabulous Pie around Olympia

  By Kathryn Millhorn “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” proclaimed Carl Sagan.  For those of us with day jobs, thankfully there are places around town that will do the work for you.  From scratch.  No universe required. If local, timeless classic fruit and berry [...]

Traditions and Additions – Local Shopping Tips for Thanksgiving

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Turkey? Dressing? Cranberry Sauce? Yes, yes, and yes. Traditional favorites become favorites for a reason. They tickle long held memories as your soul is satisfied. Plus, the tastes are delicious. Whether you are shopping for a banquet of family ‘musts,’ or hoping to expand your repertoire, both Ralph’s Thriftway and [...]

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Jeanine Jacobson – Playing the Piano is as Natural as Breathing

  By Leslie Merchant Certain people just get it. Math just makes sense, art is intuitive, and technology is as addictive to some as sweets are to others. Playing an instrument is instinctive for a lucky few. For local classical pianist Jeanine Jacobson, playing music is as natural as breathing. I admit I fantasize about [...]

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Pure Love Chocolate: Offering Total Bliss without the Sugar

  By Gale Hemmann Chocolate. See, just mentioning the word gets your attention. This delicacy has a long and revered role in human history, and has often been called (justifiably, in my opinion) “the food of the gods.” It’s an instant pick-me-up, a private treat on a busy day. But as anyone with dietary restrictions [...]

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Trista Nesbit-Evans’ Red Velvet Bakery Hits Your Sweet Spot

  By Kelli Samson A couple of years ago, the state legalized the operation of cottage bakeries, setting forth a long-awaited host of guidelines, rules, and regulations. There were hundreds of us who couldn’t wait to get certified to sell goodies out of our own kitchens, but very few bakers saw the entire intimidating process [...]

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Fake It, Don’t Make It – Where to Buy Local, Already-Made Holiday Foods this Season

  By Megan Conklin I am thirty-nine years old and I have never cooked a Thanksgiving turkey. I blame this in part on my birth order. I am the second from the youngest child in my family and, by definition, this means I do not host extended family gatherings and am asked only to bring [...]

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The Bearded Lady Food Company: Treats for All

  By Melanie Kallas Ricklefs Are you in the mood for a cupcake?  Maybe you’d prefer a brownie, cookie, or doughnut.  If you’re one of the many people who have dietary restrictions, your craving usually means it’s time to get out the bowls and measuring cups.  Not anymore!  The Bearded Lady Food Company is a [...]

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So Much More Than Clay at the Olympia Center Ceramics Studio

  By Gale Hemmann Tucked away on the second floor of the Olympia Center, the ceramics studio is a hidden gem: a warm, bustling space with a family-like atmosphere. On any given day you can find students working on projects, visiting with each other, and creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind ceramics pieces. At the head of the [...]

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Play On Greater Olympia: Dedicated Faculty and Students Create Music, Change Lives

  By Gale Hemmann You could say it started with a vision. Washington Middle School Band Director Greg Allison had a vision of starting Play On Greater Olympia (POGO) two years ago. POGO, an after-school orchestra program, provides a quality music education to students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. It’s first social-transformation-through-music program [...]

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Living In A Moment with Ty Herndon at the Lucky Dog Casino

  Garth Brooks summed it up: “True country music is honesty, sincerity, and real life to the hilt.”  It’s a celebration of everyday struggles and successes, dusty boots and muddy dogs.  In a nutshell, its music everyone can relate to. On Saturday November 8, Ty Herndon will bring his soulful blend of country, gospel, and [...]

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