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Shelby Payne: Capital High School Alumnus Tells Your Story Through Photographs

  By Kelli Samson I want you to humor me here. Measure your life by total weddings attended. There are the weddings of your family members, friends, co-workers, co-worker’s kids. It can all add up for a person, and that’s saying nothing of the mental tally of what you’ve likely spent on gifts. Truthfully, though, [...]

Neighborhood Notes: Piece by Piece Farm Feeds South Bay Families

  At Piece by Piece Farm, Kelly Battershell and Laura Mosher grow so much more than high-quality produce. They also grow a sense of community. My family is lucky to be part of their Community Supported Agriculture program, otherwise known as a CSA or farm share. As CSA members, we pay in advance for a [...]

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A Round-Up of Fresh Seafood Sold in Olympia

  By Kelli Samson Here you have it: a concise list of some of the very best places in Olympia to buy your seafood, put together by an Olympia resident. I figure this must bring me some kind of street cred when it comes to all things seafood. However, I need to be up-front. I [...]

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Brown Bag Bliss – It’s Lunch Time

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Lunch is my favorite meal of the day. Breakfast for me is usually light, because my stomach is slow to wake up.  By late morning it’s time for real food. I bring along my lunch, and now that school is getting underway, packing lunches becomes part of many daily routines. [...]

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“Hey Dylan, the Governor’s Calling”

  By Tali Haller Ever heard those jokes that start “The President/Senator [Insert Important Person here] called. He wants you to __________”? Well, imagine actually getting a call like that: “Hey, the governor called. He wants you to play the piano at his event in two days.” Something similar to this actually happened to Dylan [...]

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Dillingers: How a Prohibition-Era Bar is Breathing New Life into Olympia’s Security Building

  By Kelli Samson What does John Dillinger, the notorious gangster of the Prohibition Era and the Great Depression, have in common with Olympia? We have to go way back, so stay with me on this one. John Dillinger was the reason J. Edgar Hoover formed the FBI. The government needed a way to start [...]

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Piano Tuner John Grace Sees Past His Disability

  By Tali Haller John Grace has owned his own one-man piano tuning business for over 50 years. As impressive as that is, there’s more – he’s blind. Due to early cataract, an eye disease in which the lens becomes covered in an opaque film that affects sight, eventually causing total loss of vision, John [...]

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OlyKraut and Home Fermentation in Olympia – The Flavorful World of Beneficial Microbes

  By Cara Bertozzi Fermentation is an ancient method of food preservation and flavor development.  Fermented foods, such as bread, wine, and beer, have long been mainstream. However, raw fermented foods, often termed probiotics, have more recently been commanding real estate on shelves in traditional grocery stores, where they are popular as tasty vectors of [...]

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Home Brew Craft Root Beer with the Bayview School of Cooking

  By Cara Bertozzi There are few better ways to transport back in time to the summers of your childhood than to pour yourself a cold glass of sweet, caramel-like root beer with a slightly spicy finish. Simply add two scoops of creamy vanilla bean ice cream, and you have the perfect foamy dessert. Leanne [...]

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Organic, Local, and Yummy – Oly Pops Offers Cold, Healthy Treats

  By Tali Haller In a cleverly crafted acronym, Oly Pops offers what many Olympians are craving on hot summer days: cold Organic, Local, and Yummy treats! Nestled in the heart of downtown Olympia, Oly Pops was created by two recent Evergreen graduates, Leland Chazen and Linus Binns. It all started last summer. Sitting in [...]

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