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Your Healthcare Connection: Olympia Orthopaedics Welcomes Dr. Tim DuMontier

  Oly Ortho is growing.  That’s evident by the influx of newly hired physicians and staff at the Olympia based single-specialty group.  But, what’s not so evident when looking just at the statistics is the increase in nationally-recognized experts who are choosing to make Olympia Orthopaedic Associates their home. One of these experts is Dr. [...]

Centralia’s Julie Pendleton Carries on Father’s Legacy with Northwest Sausage and Deli

  By Kelli Samson Hunting season is upon us, and hopefully there will be those lucky enough to bring home some wild game. Unless you’ve got lots of time and know-how, you’re going to need some help processing that meat. This is where Northwest Sausage in Centralia comes in. Simply bring in at least 25 [...]

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From Biological Warfare Containment to Fighting Smog, Panorama Resident Retired Female Meteorologists have seen their Share of Adventure

  By Cara Bertozzi Betty Jankus and Charlotte Hopper, by the simple pursuit of their dreams, are no strangers to attracting attention for challenging mainstream expectations. These two remarkable ladies have a storied friendship dating back more than 50 years, culminating in their retirement in 1990 at Lacey’s groundbreaking retirement community, Panorama. Charlotte was a [...]

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The Olympia Furniture Company: The Community Furniture Store

  Start by converting a large empty space into a welcoming furniture store.  Then, stock it with not just mattresses and sofas, but instead an array of furniture options that radiate warmth, charm, and a sense of family. It is almost a magical feat. Allen Starkey and Eddie Nelson, owners of The Olympia Furniture Company [...]

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Start with Conservative Care At Eastside Chiropractic

  Conservative Care.  It’s a “buzz word” in medicine these days, we admit.  But, when fully understood, the concept of using conservative care first offers patients safe, cost-efficient, and effective means of managing their health. What is conservative care?  It is a term to describe the use of non-surgical, non-invasive techniques developed to promote healing [...]

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Mason Transit Offers First Glimpse of Cutting-Edge Transit Community Center

  By Gale Hemmann Something exciting is happening in Shelton. In early 2015, this small Mason County city will welcome its first-ever transit community center. The Mason Transit Authority Transit-Community Center will house not only full transit facilities, but social services, classrooms, event space, retail, and so much more. Built by Forma Construction, the Mason [...]

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Leonard K. Lucenko, Jr.: Helping People, Giving Back

  As a first generation Ukranian-American growing up in New Jersey, Leonard K. Lucenko, Jr. always knew he wanted to help people. Lucenko’s parents immigrated to the United States when they were just children. “They came here with nothing,” says Lucenko. Taking full advantage of the opportunities available to them in their new country, Lucenko’s [...]

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Thurston First Bank: Revitalizing the Downtown Olympia Core

  After ten years of operating from a snug spot on the primarily residential locale of Pear Street Northeast, Thurston First Bank is making a statement by moving to Downtown Olympia. While the bank outgrowing its current space necessitated the move, the decision to relocate to the downtown core was deliberate. Jim Haley, President and [...]

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An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Oxygen at H3 Therapy Services

  As we age, inevitable physical changes occur.  Some are unavoidable but others can be moderated—or even eliminated—through diet, exercise, and preventive care. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are major risk factors for stroke.  About half of Americans (49%) have at least one of these three [...]

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South Sound Trucks Oly: Creating Satisfied Truck Owners, One Story at a Time

  Chances are, at some point in your life, you have been the victim of an unpleasant car shopping or buying experience. Maybe you had a pushy salesperson leave a sour taste in your mouth. Or worse, bought a lemon (talk about sour) off of Craigslist and had to spend hundreds (or more) on post-purchase [...]

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