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Bagel Brothers Changes Yet Stays the Same

    “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” is a French proverb dating back to the mid-1800’s. What it really means is that change, in fact, simply cements the longstanding status quo. Bagel Brothers Bakery and Sandwich Shop is one of Olympia’s treasured eateries that has remained steadfast and true throughout [...]

Peace, Love, and Raw Cafe – A Cuisine for Optimizing Your Health in Olympia

  By Tali Haller With 34% of the adult population classified as obese, America is now ranked as the most obese country worldwide, according to the latest study conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. In response, many people are advocating for a healthier diet. Author of the best-selling book The Beauty Detox Foods, Kimberly [...]

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Dave King Restores a Home’s Historic Integrity

  By Gail Wood So, you’ve finally moved into that older home you’ve been admiring and you’re thinking about updating your turn-of-the-century Victorian style home. You’re wondering, should you replace those old windows, which leak heat and waste energy? Dave King has a two-word answer for you – no way. With proper sealing and storm [...]

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Olympia Veterinarians Treat Animals with Cancer in New Building

  By Taryn Kama Thanks to the inspiration and care of two Olympia veterinarians, animals diagnosed with cancer can get first-rate care. Dr. Lisa Parshley and her husband and business partner, Dr. Tom Allen, will move their Olympia Veterinary Cancer Center, to a much larger, state-of-the-art cancer care facility in mid-April. Their practice focuses on innovative [...]

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Christian Skillings – Iron Rabbit Restaurant Owner Describes Pleasures of Local Eating & Local Ownership

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis It’s no secret. I am a particular eater. I look for fresh, thoughtful meals sourced responsibly. Just because I want health-minded entrees, I don’t expect to give up a tasty dining experience. Yes, I want it all. You can, too, if you hop over to the Iron Rabbit Restaurant & [...]

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Neighborhood Notes – San Francisco Street Bakery is an Olympia Institution

  By Katie Doolittle Mid-morning at the San Francisco Street Bakery smells like hot coffee and freshly baked bread. I’m standing in line with a conservatively dressed elderly couple and a tattooed twenty-something, eavesdropping on their friendly conversation. Today, there’s classic rock playing over the speakers. The young mother behind us taps along to the [...]

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Dwayne Boggs Sponsors Keller Williams Agent for BOLD Training Program

  Working in an industry dependent on positive referrals and a strong reputation, Shauna Tryon has both. An agent for Keller Williams Realty in Olympia, Tryon’s dedication and strong work ethic has resonated with her co-workers and also throughout the local business community. Not surprisingly, the nearly 20-year Olympia resident and mother of two continues [...]

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Hirsch Center for Integrative Medicine: Transforming Community One Patient at a Time

  The Hirsch Center for Integrative Medicine stands apart the moment you walk through the doors. It is a place where the relationship between clinician and patient begins at the threshold- for you are welcomed, not by a receptionist, nurse or assistant, but by your health care provider- and so begins your journey to better [...]

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Washington Guaranteed Education Tuition: GET the Outlook

  The Guaranteed Education Tuition Program, GET, is the second-largest and fastest-growing prepaid tuition plan in the nation.  At the close of the 2013 enrollment period, there were over 152,000 accounts. Currently in its sixteenth year, families who enrolled their young children in the college savings plan are now sending their students off to college [...]

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Handcrafting the Perfect Blend at Dancing Goats Esperesso Bar Inside Bayview Thriftway

  Bold. Aromatic. Harmonious. Could be an award winning wine. Maybe even an eclectic friend. Yet not surprisingly, these adjectives refer to the coffee blends expertly crafted by Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters at the Dancing Goats Espresso Bar at Bayview Thriftway. The Dancing Goats Espresso Bar is located at the entrance of Bayview Thriftway. [...]

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