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Serendipity Academy – A Place for Students To Find Their Potential And Grow

  By Gail Wood This is not your typical elementary school classroom. Students are collecting water samples from the Deschutes River. Other students are working at a food bank. But this is part of an educational experience at Serendipity Academy, a private Tumwater school for grades kindergarten to sixth grade. Learning isn’t limited to what [...]

South Sound YMCA Child Care Lends a Helping Hand

  Jerry Seinfeld could have been speaking of summer vacation when he claimed “There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.”  At this midway point in the school holidays, most parents are counting the days until school starts and routines are firmly back in place. If a helping hand is needed in [...]

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Meet Mike McKinnon, Owner of Thurston County’s Dairy Queens

  Think back to playing sports as a kid. Odds are, you didn’t go celebrate after the big game with a formal, sit-down dinner at a fancy restaurant. You probably went out for ice cream, right? My family and I can often be found at the Tumwater Dairy Queen after one of my older daughter’s [...]

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Your Healthcare Connection: Lisa Bowling Creates a Caring Community at Oly Ortho’s Physical Therapy Clinics

    Olympia Orthopaedics Associates is well known throughout the South Sound as a comprehensive provider of musculoskeletal care.  Essential to that service are the large, state-of the-art physical therapy clinics housed at their Westside and Eastside Clinics.  Since early March, those clinics have been under the experienced direction of Lisa Bowling, PT. Bowling is [...]

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Tumwater Chiropractic Center: Complemented by Massage Therapy

  Headaches, back pain, and neck stiffness are just a few of the conditions that most of us are affected by daily. Aches and pains may be a result of an injury, stress or overuse. Tumwater Chiropractic Center offers both chiropractic care and massage therapy as independent or complementary treatments to provide a positive approach [...]

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Hot? Might Be Time to Call Chehalis Sheet Metal

  Summer in Washington is hit or miss. Some years the thermometer just manages to push past 90 degrees while in other years there never seems to be a reprieve from the heat. 2014 is shaping up to be more like the latter than the former. Trouble is we never know which kind we have [...]

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Sisters Annie Johns & Amy Evans Treat You Like a Guest at Spruce and Bon Lemon

  By Kelli Samson I am a fiercely loyal customer. No one was more surprised than me when I broke up with my decade-plus aesthetician after just one visit to Spruce. And why? Well, it’s a combination of things that all add up to feeling pampered. Why would anyone want to feel anything less? Annie [...]

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Springer Plumbing: 25 Years of Dedicated Service to the Community

  To Ron and Diane Springer plumbing is not just about responding to the drip, drip, drip of your faucet. It is about providing top professional and caring service to a community where they have grown up their entire lives. “We have helped many grateful customers who have been told their plumbing fixes will be [...]

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Under Pressure: The Hyperbaric Chamber at H3 Therapy Services Inc.

  More and more, people are taking charge of their own health.  While meeting regularly with a physician is still a part of the puzzle for most, adding alternate or supplemental treatments has become more common.  From seeing a nutritionist and taking natural supplements to utilizing acupuncture and massage, adding additional therapies to your health [...]

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Dr. Murray Smith’s Top 10 Reasons for Lower Back Pain (and How to Prevent It)

  By Kate Scriven Dr. Murray Smith has seen a lot of patients in his nearly 25 years serving Thurston County patients as an experienced chiropractor.  His practice, Eastside Chiropractic, has grown over the years to include experienced massage therapists, a licensed nutritionist, and most recently, another chiropractor to meet all his patient’s needs. With [...]

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