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Batdorf and Bronson Shares 7 Tips to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

  I love getting a coffee in a coffee shop. Why? The whole experience feels like I’m treating myself. And, feeling “treated” for under $5 is a pretty good return on investment. But, additionally, the coffee is just better. I didn’t think I could achieve the smooth richness of a cup delivered by a barista […]

Palliative Care Eases the Pain for Individuals Living with Serious Illness

  When serious illness strikes, it can be painful. Chronic, complicated and life-limiting conditions decrease quality of life and make it challenging to do simple, everyday things. At Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, health care professionals work with patients to provide supportive medical care designed to help relieve patients of pain, stress and the […]

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New Ways to Keep Squeaky Clean with DKB Restoration

  Keeping clean is tricky business. The changing seasons bring along a unique set of stains ranging from spilled gravy to mud-tracked carpets. Throw in the smell of wet dog or excessively smoky fireplace and it’s time to call Dan Baxter at DKB Restoration. For three years, Baxter and his team have happily handled all […]

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Your Healthcare Connection: Oly Ortho Welcomes Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Dominic Femiano

  When you hear the name Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, many people conjure up images of surgery and joint replacement. And while the talented physicians at Oly Ortho can handle all of those situations, there are a wide range of practitioners in the South Sound clinics who handle the everyday aches, pains and injuries that result […]

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Stillwater Dental Wellness Center: “My teeth don’t hurt, so why should I see a dentist? In fact, I haven’t seen one for years!”

  We all know someone who boasts that they haven’t seen a dentist in years, saying, “Well, my teeth don’t hurt, so why should I bother?” Speaking with Dr. Jim Telloian of Stillwater Dental Wellness Center, it’s clear that the response is that visiting the dentist is also about creating good habits that promote a […]

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Capitol Chiropractic Looks At The Big Picture For Lasting Results

  By Giovanna Marcus Patients often come to Capitol Chiropractic for the first time in pain and full of questions. They wonder if they will ever heal and be able to return to the activities that they love, or even, in some cases, their job. For many, their health issues have begun to interfere with […]

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A “Try Before you Buy” Experience with Boggs Inspection Services

  I like to try before I buy as much as I can. Yes, I love shopping online and for a lot of things (lunch boxes, curtain rods, copy paper) purchasing sight unseen works just fine. For others, I like to see the product in person first – to feel the sheets, try on the […]

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Providence St. Peter Hospital Recognized with Gold Standard for Nursing Excellence

  At the core of any good medical facility is a team of quality, caring nurses. With nearly 3.1 million registered nurses (RNs) currently employed in the United States, nurses make up the majority of any hospital’s staff, providing the bulk of all care administered to patients. With nurses taking on everything from general patient […]

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8 Olympia Restaurants Welcome Guests During Open Mic Night

  By Alyssa Ramsfield For generations, our area has been a wealth of musical talent. Bands like Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip, and even Nirvana got their start right here in our community. Whether you are a performer yourself or a music enthusiast, Open Mic Nights are a great place to discover the next big thing. Travel […]

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Your Healthcare Connection – Is My Child’s Arm Broken?

  By Kate Scriven School is back in full swing and so are recess, soccer, football, gymnastics, and more. If you are a busy Thurston County parent, you probably felt the change in pace just as I did these last weeks. And with a return to recess comes a return to the inevitable falls, twists, […]

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