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Thrifty Thurston Eats Out (On the Cheap) with Kids

  By Megan Conklin As the parents of four small, but decidedly hungry children, my husband and I make the decision to take the family out to dinner very rarely. In addition to the incendiary chaos my brood tends to bring to any dining establishment, it is usually too expensive. But there are those nights. [...]

Mead and Knitting Join at Skep and Skein

  By Lindsey Surrell Most bar-goers will tell you the same thing: you go to a bar for the drinks, but you come back because of the atmosphere.  At Skep and Skein, I came back for the knitting.  And then, I came back for the mead. At a table reserved for stitch night, I admitted [...]

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Capital Heating and Cooling: Three Generations of Keeping the Community Comfortable

  Successful family businesses require dedication, expertise in a craft and relentless hard work. Transferring the business through the generations is challenging.  Most family businesses dissolve rather than get passed on through the family. Statistics indicate that only 12% of family owned businesses survive until the third generation. The fact that Capital Heating and Cooling [...]

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Terra Firma Cosmetics Celebrates 10 Years of Natural Beauty Products

  By Rachel Thomson Meri Cain didn’t always foresee herself as the proprietress of a successful makeup company. The former South Bend School District employee and mother of three, like many women, was a regular consumer of beauty products. She enjoyed looking at new products on the shelf and experimenting with new colors, seeing what [...]

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Meconi’s Enters “Beast Mode” on Seattle Seahawk’s Blue Friday and Game Day

  By Kate Scriven The colors you might see most often this fall are blue and green, not the gold and red of leaves throughout Thurston County.  The Seattle Seahawks are back in action for the 2014 season. The 12th Man (and woman) comes out in force on Blue Friday and game day to share [...]

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Xinh Dwelley – A Pearl Amidst the Oysters

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Xinh Dwelley has spent her life in and around food. It began as a child in the family rice fields of Vietnam. For years she shucked oysters for Taylor Shellfish Farms. Now she’s the CEOE (Chief Executive of Everything) at her Shelton restaurant aptly named Xinh’s. Fusing fresh seafood of [...]

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Hunting for “Barry’d Treasure” at Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel

  How does a pirate ask you on a date?  “Arrrrrrrrr you free on Saturday?”  This fall, say ‘yes’ and you could win big courtesy of the Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel. If you don’t want to be a pirate but still like finding treasure, head on over to Rochester’s Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel [...]

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Anchor Bank Helps Build a House for Habitat for Humanity

  By Eric Wilson-Edge It’s lunchtime for the crew from Anchor Bank. A dozen or so people file in and plop down wherever they find a bit of room. They’re clearly tired, a little hot and overall, very happy. Today, these bankers are trading in their forms and figures for posthole diggers and paint rollers. [...]

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Pediatric Dietitian Khim Schoenacker Makes Mealtime Easier

  By Kathryn Millhorn Brace yourselves, parents, here’s another thing to worry about: neophobia.  At one time or another, all kids suffer from it and we’re left feeling like it’s our fault.  But it’s not; neophobia is nothing more than a fancy term for a fear of new foods.  Studies say that “neophobia reaches its [...]

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Olympia Schools Shift School Snacks after USDA Standards Updated

  By Katie Hurley School bake sales, once the bread and butter of school club fundraising, may soon be a thing of the past.  On July 1, 2014 the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) implemented Smart Snacks in Schools standards that apply to all foods served in public schools during the school day, whether sold [...]

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