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Treating Lice: A Happily Ever After Story

  By Megan Conklin The first niggling of concern starts when you see the extra-long line of youngsters snaking its way out of the nurse’s office at your child’s school. But, you shake it off. Probably nothing? The next whisper of worry comes when newly shaved heads start popping up on boys in your child’s […]

Test Drive the 2015 Motor Trend Car of the Year at Volkswagen of Olympia

  What kind of cars are you attracted to? Sleek and stylish sports cars? Family friendly sedans? Maybe something in between? No matter what your preference is, chances are you will find something to appreciate about Motor Trend’s 2015 Car of the Year, the 2015 Volkswagen Golf. Featuring an all new design that is sleek, […]

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Awesome RV Rolls Into 2015 with a New Name, New Features

  The start of the year is a great time to reinvent yourself. It is a time to make resolutions, set goals, and grow into the future. Awesome RV, formerly Uhlmann RV, is one local business that, after many years of success, was ready for some change, and has made it a goal in 2015 […]

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Tofu Hut – A Dining Experience for Meat-Lovers and Vegetarians Alike

  By Melanie Kallas Ricklefs Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! We can finally experience dining out like everyone else, with mouthwatering choices, and no need to grill the server about ingredients. Tofu Hut is an Asian fusion restaurant that caters to specialized diets like no other restaurant in Thurston County. They offer a multitude of appetizers […]

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Mac N’ More Offers ‘Slightly Twisted’ Take on Comfort Food

  By Rachel Thomson Crayfish tails and green onions or a blend of beef and pork meatloaf aren’t ingredients most come cooks would think of adding to macaroni and cheese. It’s a concept Steve Cobb hopes will catch on among Thurston County diners. The 52-year old owner of the Mac N’ More restaurant in Lacey […]

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Color Consultation: Color Meanings and Effects

  Colors affect us psychologically and physiologically and when you are decorating your home or business, it is important to know what each color means and why it should or should not be used in a particular room. Red has Energy and Passion Red is an appetite and conversation stimulant. It also represents power. Red […]

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Real Estate Agents Create a Partnership of Trust with Boggs Inspection Services

  Buying and selling a home ranks near the top of life’s most stressful situations. It’s during these times that we wrestle with the “what-ifs” that are out of our control. What if the offer is rejected? What if our house doesn’t sell and we find one we want to buy? What if the appraisal […]

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Anchor Bank: The Community Bank of Choice for Local Small Business

  By Lisa Herrick Community banks are akin to small business. Essentially Anchor Bank, a local community bank, is a small business itself. Anchor Bank innately understands the challenges of launching, growing and diversifying a small business and has the money to lend professional businesses to help them succeed. Anchor Bank has been vital in […]

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Live Music on Stage at Rhythm and Rye

  By Lindsey Surrell It is Friday night and the room is buzzing with dozens of conversations, glasses clinking, and the rustle of about a hundred people. A night at Rhythm and Rye, one of Olympia’s newest music venues and bars, has many virtues: affordable drinks, comfortable seating, and friendly staff. On top of all […]

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Panorama Builds Community Through Grassroots Leadership

  By Lynn West Why would folks leave the beautiful weather of Green Valley, Arizona or Sea Ranch, California to come to Lacey, Washington? Retirees from 45 states have found the answer at Panorama. After visiting with residents and members of the Resident Council, I began to piece together what makes the life at Panorama […]

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