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Thurston Car Talk – Olympia’s Topping Volvo Closes it’s Doors

  Submitted by Bron’s Automotive Have you heard the recent automotive news?  Topping Motors, a family owned Volvo dealership that has served Olympia Volvo owners so well for many years, has closed its doors.  This leaves many Volvo owners wondering where they will take their cars for service and repair.  Do they have to go […]

Thurston Car Talk – Repair Estimates are Not All Created Equal

  Submitted by Bron’s Automotive When folks have their vehicle in the shop, they sometimes call other shops for a second estimate to compare prices.  While this is fine, I thought I would write this blog to explain some things that might come up to aid your thought process.  While different shops sometimes charge different […]

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Thurston Car Talk – Preventative Maintenance

  Submitted by Bron’s Automotive Q.  Why do fleet mechanics perform preventative maintenance? A.  To prevent costly breakdowns and make the vehicle last longer. Q.  What things are normally done to make a vehicle last longer and breakdown less? 1.   Change oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months.  This is for normal driving.  If you […]

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Boggs Inspection Services Talks Attic Insulation

  Many families are putting on extra fleeces and snuggling under the blankets this time of year.  It’s chilly out, and no matter how you try, a chill is in the air of your home.  And, in the summer, when temperatures climb over 80, you struggle to keep the house cool, despite closing the shades […]

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Thurston Car Talk: Tips for Winter Vehicle Preparation

  Submitted by Bron’s Automotive We’ve delayed writing about winterizing your vehicle as the weather has been so nice this fall. After our recent snowfall, it seems that the time has arrived to share some winter vehicle tips.   These tips should actually be in order all year long, (it can rain here any time […]

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Boggs Inspection Service Talks New AFCI Requirements for 2014’s National Electrical Code

  Keeping electrical wiring up to date is a critical part of home maintenance, but one that is easily overlooked as much of a home’s electrical systems are hidden in the walls.  The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) estimates that approximately 13% of home fires are electrical in origin and about half have resulted from […]

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Thurston Car Talk: Timing Belt Basics

  Submitted by Bron’s Automotive Do you know if your car has a timing belt or a timing chain?  This is critical since a timing belt must be changed at regular intervals to prevent a breakdown.  Timing chains on the other hand are lubricated with engine oil and the best thing you can do for […]

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Boggs Inspection Services Talks Ethics in the Home Inspection Industry

  Dwayne Boggs began inspecting homes around Thurston County about ten years ago.  During his time as a local home inspector, Boggs has entered hundreds of homes with the blessing of the homeowner.  And that blessing isn’t something he takes lightly. “There is an implied level of trust when a home owner permits an inspector […]

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Thurston Car Talk: Alternator And Battery Basics

  Submitted by Bron’s Automotive What’s that funny squealing noise that I hear for a few seconds after I start my car in the morning and why do I care?  It’s like this:  The starter motor and alternator are electrical mirror images of each other.  The starter motor takes a large amount of electrical energy […]

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Thurston Car Talk: Understanding Your Car’s Braking System

  Submitted by Bron’s Automotive So your car needs the front disc brakes replaced.  This is a pretty common job in a repair shop, but there are big differences between what different shops do when they perform a front disc brake job. What do you need to know? First, the front disc brake system has […]

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