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Graceful Healing for the Moms Behind Raise for Rowyn

  By Kathryn Millhorn There are few taboos left anymore but openly grieving the loss of a child seems to be one of them. Mourning an aging parent or friend lost to long-term illness is bittersweet but expected. The death of a toddler in an accident, however, is almost as painful to hear as it […]

“Lacey Loves to Read” Brings Acclaimed Author Kashmira Sheth to Lacey

  By Gale Hemmann As any avid reader knows, one of the great joys of reading is that it opens us up to new worlds. Through reading the voices of others, we develop empathy, as well as curiosity about what life is like beyond our own experiences. In this spirit of celebrating both literacy and […]

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Betsy Perkins – Making Feet Dance at Meadows Elementary School and in Local Bands

  By Amy Rowley To Betsy Perkins, inspiration for her music often comes from the people around her – lots of young people that attend Meadows Elementary School in Lacey. As the Library and Music teacher, Betsy finds that lyrics are just as likely to pop into her mind while working in the garden as […]

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Dun Dreaming Ranch Provides Safe Haven for Rescued Farm Animals

  By Heidi Smith Joyce was one of those kids that was always picking up animals. “From day one, I would bring home everything,” she says. Unfortunately at the time, many of them turned out to belong to her New Jersey neighbors, so she had to give them back. Today, she doesn’t have that problem. […]

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Expanding Your Horizons – One Middle-School Girl At a Time

  By Kathryn Millhorn FDR once said “We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.” For many, educational struggles can be overwhelming and often begin at an early age. This is especially true regarding math and science for girls once […]

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Mr. Kay’s Last Day

  Submitted by Steven Friederich Dick Kay never really liked using Excel to figure out his formulas. The civil engineer in Emergency Management’s public assistance division said he preferred the old fashioned pen and paper method, scratching out algebra and arithmetic equations and then inputting it all in the computer databases. Remarkably, his boss Alysha […]

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Olympia High School Seniors John Teters and Jay Harner Rescue Three Stranded Hikers

  By Gail Wood On February 8, as John Teters and Jay Harner hiked along a soggy Olympic National Forest trail heading to Upper Lena Lake, the unexpected happened. About two miles into their 14-mile hike, their day outing turned into a rescue. Up ahead, on the other side of a swollen Lena Creek, Teters and Harner, […]

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Tech-Savvy North Thurston Public Schools Provides Excellent Opportunities for Teaching and Learning

  By Katie Doolittle Two years ago, North Thurston Public Schools had a maximum of 160 wireless devices in daily use throughout the district. Today, that number has skyrocketed to over 3,100. Thanks in part to a successful $175 million technology, safety and neighborhood schools bond, teachers and students regularly access carts full of tablets, […]

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Good Food Delivered for Seniors’ Best Friends

  By Barb Lally Sue is a lovely senior who believes she is doing God’s work by loving and caring for her two rescue dogs, Jessie and Bella. She lives alone, is legally blind and can’t drive. Because she can’t make it to the store and has difficulty preparing meals, Senior Services for South Sound’s […]

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Thrifty Thurston Makes a Valentine’s Day Date with the Kids

  By Megan Conklin What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? I unwittingly planned my next eighteen or so Valentine’s Days three years ago when I gave birth to my fourth child, our daughter Grace, on this romantic, pink hued holiday. When discussing my due date with my midwives, I adamantly refused to acknowledge the […]

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