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KGY’s “Kevin the Brit” Talks Culture and Radio on Both Sides of the Pond

  By Gale Hemmann “Can you repeat that, please?” It’s something “Kevin the Brit” Huffer has heard many times since coming to the United States several years ago. He recounts with a chuckle how the employees at a drive-thru he frequented would ask him to repeat his order, until it donned on him that they [...]

Living and Studying in the United States – Perspectives from Four Brazilian Students at Saint Martin’s University

  By Lisa Herrick If you thought you heard an abundance of Portuguese being spoken throughout Thurston County recently, it is likely you did. Certainly, that was the case lately on the Saint Martin’s University campus in Lacey, Washington. The University recently concluded the inaugural Washington State and Rio de Janeiro Conference on the United [...]

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North Thurston High School Students In Motion for an Avalanche of Canned Food

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis Brady Olson’s Advanced Placement Government & Politics students at North Thurston High School already have schedules filled with classes, sports, jobs and after school activities, but they’ve taken on an extra challenge. The three classes of NTHS seniors have set an epic goal to collect over 12,000 cans of food [...]

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My.Future: Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Technology

  Technology is constantly advancing. From phones, tablets, gadgets, and apps to vaccines, energy efficient solutions, social media, and more, STEM fields are always changing, growing, and becoming a more prominent part of our lives. With so much new technology and an increasing abundance of STEM careers, it’s more important than ever for youth to [...]

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Bob Sullivan – Olympia’s Street Clock Collector, Connoisseur

  By Katie Doolittle “I’m sort of a frustrated twentieth-century archaeologist,” says Olympia resident Bob “Sully” Sullivan. It’s a pithy way to summarize his unusual and fascinating hobby: Sullivan is a collector and preservationist who researches and restores street clocks, antique automobiles, and “unusual mechanical things.” As Sullivan describes his wide-ranging collection, I can’t help [...]

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Morningside’s Project SEARCH Prepares Students with Skills for Success

  By Kate Scriven Everyone deserves the opportunity to engage in productive work.  To be useful and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day brings fulfillment. Olympia non-profit, Morningside has been helping create meaningful and productive job opportunities for people with disabilities for over 50 years.   You’ve likely interacted with Morningside trained [...]

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Movember – Grow Your Moustache, Beard and Pay Attention

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis It’s No-Shave November or “Movember,” a month to bring awareness to prostate cancer and prostate health. Jim Kiefert already has a beard and moustache. He also already has prostate cancer. He’s been raising his awareness of everything prostate for over 25 years. It’s time to join him. As a woman [...]

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Lacey Fire’s All Female Crew Brings Awareness to Women in the Fire Service, Breast Cancer

  By Megan Conklin In an effort to heighten awareness regarding breast cancer prevention and finding a cure, Lacey Fire District 3 was awash in pink.  Everyone from firefighters to office professionals to the chief of the department, donned bright pink shirts in a rose colored show of solidarity during October. But the women of [...]

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Local Teen Garren Brathovde Dedicates His Time to 4-H and Community

  By Gale Hemmann He may be young, but Garren Brathovde already has quite a few accomplishments to his name. A sophomore at Capital High School, Garren is a dedicated member of Thurston County 4-H. He raises goats and sheep and participates in several 4-H clubs. He is also involved in the upcoming annual 4-H [...]

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The Real Barbers of Southgate Shopping Center in Tumwater

  By Barb Lally Walk into The Barber Shop & Co. at Southgate Shopping Center in the heart of Tumwater and you would think you had walked into a great reality TV show. All three chairs are filled and more clients are waiting for a barber. The buzz of electric trimmers is constant and over [...]

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