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Faculty Members Rock Out at Olympia High School

  By Sara Hollar, Olympia High School Intern to ThurstonTalk Over the years Olympia High School has seen some electrifying entertainment but a consistent student favorite is the faculty band. Made up of OHS teachers and staff, the faculty band gives students a glimpse at the musical talents of the adults in their school. After […]

CIELO – Strengthening the Fabric of Our Community

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis The clock ticked up to 8:00 p.m. and Monday night class was over, but instructor Raymond Perez and his eight adult students took no notice as they continued constructing sentences. Together they were exploring the challenges of English verbs and making the distinctions between ‘having’ and ‘being.’ Learning verbs is […]

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Capital High School’s Principal Chris Woods Creates Cougar Community

  By Claire Smith, Capital High School Intern to ThurstonTalk Many people know Capital High School’s principal, Mr. Chris Woods. He’s a great guy and always knows how to make you smile when you’re having a rough day. It’s a valuable skill and with it, he keeps the morale of CHS high. A special thing […]

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Lunch with Dave at the Tumwater Senior Center

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis I remember hearing about Dave’s soups years ago in the locker room at Bally’s Total Fitness. (Remember the building on Sleater-Kinney Rd. near NTHS?) Women from the water aerobics class were energized at the prospect of heading to the Tumwater Senior Center for lunch. “You must go there,” they encouraged […]

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Morningside and Shell: An Outstanding Partnership

  By Kathryn Millhorn As of November 2014, there were more than 9 million unemployed workers in our country. While these numbers may fluctuate by season, industry, and region, it’s still a staggering statistic. Successful employment is often the result of a combined team effort. Whether through networking, training, or word-of-mouth, we all rely on […]

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Don Li – Capital High School Senior to Give Physics Lecture at Saint Martin’s University

  By Doris Faltys “Our modern day, information age world relies upon an understanding of solid-state physics and semiconductor physics to develop all of the technologies that we use on a daily basis,” says Don Li, a Capital High School (CHS) senior. “Many academic institutions lack a comprehensive curriculum in solid-state physics and semiconductor physics, […]

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Virgil and Barbara Clarkson Encourage Showing Up, Reaching Out

  By Lisa Herrick “The community needs to show up and be responsive,” declares Barbara Clarkson in the spirit of referencing a book by Bill Gates, Sr. titled “Showing Up for Life” and related to participating in the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Banquet to be held at the South Puget Sound Community College. In […]

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Local Artist Jeannie Beirne Creates Children’s Mural at Behavioral Health Resources

  By Gale Hemmann Diving orcas. Perching birds. Playful seals. These and many other Northwest critters greet all who enter the Behavioral Health Resources Children’s Lobby in a new mural painted by local artist Jeannie Beirne. The mural, featuring South Puget Sound wildlife and scenery, is already bringing smiles to the faces of children who […]

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The College Crunch is On for Local High School Seniors

  By Lauren Frasier, Capital High School Intern to ThurstonTalk Winter is a busy time of year for many people. The days are shorter and with so many things to be done, it can be stressful, especially for high school seniors. While already balancing school, extra-curricular activities, and other commitments, these students also are beginning to […]

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Activity Guide for Friends and Family Visiting during 2015 Legislative Session

  By Natasha Ashenhurst Ask locals what January brings to Olympia and you’ll likely hear comments about the weather. You’ll also hear them talk about something else – legislative session. On the second Monday in January, 49 members of the Washington State Senate and 98 members of the House of Representatives will return to Olympia […]

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