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Panorama Residents’ New Careers as Volunteers

  By Eric Wilson-Edge Some people never truly retire. These people occupy themselves with projects, hobbies or volunteer work. Panorama residents Jay Felzien and Ann Berry are part of this last category. The retirees spend a significant amount of their free time giving back. Their reasons are different but the results are the same. Jay [...]

Shelby Adams: Embracing Everyone via the Universal Language of Music

  By Tali Haller Just six months ago, Shelby Adams adamantly told her friends, “I am not going to college!” Now she is headed to one of America’s most prestigious music schools, the Berklee College of Music, which has a 19% acceptance rate according to data from U.S. News. “I’ve always been inspired by music,” [...]

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Amanda Singleton – Graduating Top Ten from Olympia High School While Beating Cancer

  By Tali Haller Sometimes life takes drastic turns. At the end of her 2011 cross country season, recent Olympia High School graduate Amanda Singleton went from running with a few leg cramps to her doctor delivering life-changing news: she had cervical cancer, specifically Rhabdomyosarcoma. “I don’t remember my initial impression. It was just a [...]

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Spotlight on the Wildwood Building – A Community Hub

  By Jennifer Crain I often walk past the Cloverfields farmhouse, the historical anchor of the Carlyon-North neighborhood in southeast Olympia. The house, which presided over a model dairy farm in the early twentieth century, has a bucolic look, with a gambrel roof and painted wooden siding. I never would have guessed that the Wildwood [...]

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Mutual Trust – Thanking Olympia Police, Citizens after a Car Accident

  Submitted by Stephanie Keahey You’re driving on State Avenue in downtown Olympia, just up from the old Olympia Glass Co. when you notice the traffic in front of you putting on their brakes.  You start to slow down.  Your CD player is looping through “The Lion King II” for the second or third time [...]

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Hometown Celebrities: Local Firefighters Help Battle Washington State Wildfires

  By Eric Wilson-Edge A firefighter’s day typically starts early and ends late. The time between is packed with a little bit of everything from training to public outreach to helping someone in need. “Sometimes our only job is to give people better options,” says Lieutenant Rob Randall of Lacey Fire District 3. Randall has [...]

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Orianna Clarke: Boldly Achieving Her Dreams

  By Barb Lally Though she has faced many challenges, Orianna Clarke has emerged stronger, more confident and able to pursue the dreams that she has had all of her life. A big part of her success was finding a place where her best talents could be applied, where she could learn and grow in [...]

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Bee’ing Compassionate: How One Olympia Non-Profit Strives to Maximize Bee Happiness

  By Tali Haller Exuding passion and enthusiasm, local activist Heather Wood is buzzing about her newly-created non-profit business, the Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary. The organization builds hives that maximize bee happiness and then distributes them (at low cost) to community members. “We’re essentially facilitating people’s ability to interact with, shelter, and give love to [...]

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Emily Hadley Shows You How to Get Ruff and Rowdy at the Thurston County Fair Dog Shows

  By Tali Haller Although dogs may not be the first animal that you would expect to see at the Thurston County Fair, meeting ‘man’s best friend’ is an integral part of the fair experience. For those of you who like to get up close and personal with dogs –whether it’s to give them a [...]

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10 Choices for Last Minute Summer Camps around Olympia

  By Megan Conklin I will admit it.  I read a viral, trending article on social media about how to give your kids an “Honest-to-Goodness 1970’s Summer” and I jumped on the bandwagon. The article reminded parents about how good we had it when we were little. How our parents let us run wild in [...]

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