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Jessie Munson – Llama Love at the Thurston County Fair

  By Tali Haller Jessie Munson, member of the Spokes 4-H Club in Rochester, enthusiastically urges Thurston County Fair visitors to check out one of the many Llama Shows – she is organizing them all! “Llamas are incredibly intelligent animals. I can’t say enough about them,” said Jessie with a smile. She continues to rave [...]

Young Hands Join Weathered Ones: Launch of STEP Program

  By Libby Kamrowski, ThurstonTalk Intern Bridging the distance of the age gap between generations has always been a challenge. The youngest generation is pinned with self-absorption and obsession with technology, and the older generations are portrayed as living in the past, scornful of the behavior of society. But Linda Terry, brain fitness learning coach, [...]

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What to Expect When She’s Expecting

  By Eric Wilson-Edge My wife had been in a foul mood all weekend. Emily is a happy person; she loves awful puns and non sequiturs.  Her jokes are terrible but I enjoy watching her laugh as she tries to keep it together long enough to tell one.  Her salty behavior didn’t make any sense.  [...]

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Capital High School Students Take Europe by Storm – Year after Year

  By Kelli Samson Here’s what I love about travel: one has to be absolutely, fully present within each moment. You don’t want to miss a field of sunflowers or your Metro stop. Traveling requires one to leave home and the familiar behind (and sometimes even wi-fi), to immerse into places and experiences and smells [...]

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A Throwback Experience: Jerry Goddard’s Texaco Station

  By Eric Wilson-Edge When was the last time you baked cookies for a gas station attendant?  My guess is never. Getting gas is largely an impersonal affair – you swipe your card, fill the tank and leave. This wasn’t always the case.  Full service stations used to be the norm. Hundreds dotted the landscape [...]

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Day Trip to the Beach – Decide between Ocean Shores or Westport

  By Carolyn White Residents and visitors to Thurston County are fortunate to be able to day-trip to the Pacific Ocean and the beaches of Grays Harbor County. Along the way, there are many sights and attractions to enjoy in pursuit of those fresh ocean breezes. In May, ThurstsonTalk.com featured “Day Trip to the Beach [...]

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Scoops of Jupiter: Entrepreneurial Students Create a Summer Business

  By Morgan Willie Today’s job market can be difficult to cut into. Plenty of college students have a hard time finding jobs for the summer, and the ones who’ve found jobs must sacrifice part of their break to work for someone else’s business. However, Olympia residents Emily Wakefield and Joe Jupiter have found a [...]

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Army Sergeant Luke Cifka’s Road to Recovery

  By Eric Wilson-Edge Sergeant Luke Cifka catches me off guard. We’re talking about a surgery he underwent when he says something profoundly funny. The procedure made it possible for the Army Sergeant to use prosthetics. “Every time I get new prosthetics I get a little taller and see a new part of my house,” [...]

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The Purr-fect Prescription: Studley the Therapy Cat Helps Patients Feel Better

  By Rachel Thomson Studley isn’t your typical medical professional.  He doesn’t know how to write a prescription. He doesn’t ask patients to describe their symptoms. And he shows up to work naked. That’s because he’s a cat. Studley is one of 25 animals currently in the Providence Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy program (PAAAT) that [...]

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Hop Off the Couch and Try Low-Cost Teen Activities around Olympia

  By Libby Kamrowski For many, summer is a time of relaxation. It’s pleasant to catch up on sleep and to throw your alarm clock into your below-bed abyss. Binge-watching Netflix for a day never hurt anyone, but the world is waiting outside of your door! In Thurston County, there are many low-cost options to [...]

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