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The Real Barbers of Southgate Shopping Center in Tumwater

  By Barb Lally Walk into The Barber Shop & Co. at Southgate Shopping Center in the heart of Tumwater and you would think you had walked into a great reality TV show. All three chairs are filled and more clients are waiting for a barber. The buzz of electric trimmers is constant and over [...]

Nick Kerry: Olympia Native Keeps KGY Family Tradition Alive for New Generation

  By Gale Hemmann You know the saying: “Everything old is new again.” Old films and cars become classics; young hipsters embrace vintage styles from their parents’ era. Then there are some things that are both old and new. Oldies KGY 95.3 FM in Olympia, for example, is a historic radio station. It was one [...]

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A Story About Fellowship – A Bed and Breakfast on the Water

  Submitted by Annie Lucille Have you ever wondered what the story behind the beautiful wooden yacht moored at Swantown Marina guest dock is? Fellowship is her name, and her tale is one full of history and adventure. Since 1955, Fellowship has been cruising the waters of the Pacific Northwest region, traveling around both Canada [...]

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Neighborhood Notes – An Update on the Transformation of the Park at Harrison and Division Streets

  By Lindsey Surrell Its history you might already know: an abandoned building torn down and a community rising up to fight against a convenience shop, followed by the transformation of the space into a community park. But the future of this land, which sits at the intersection of Harrison and Division Streets, is unknown [...]

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What is a Family Readiness Group (aka FRG), and Why Should I Care?

  By Cara Bertozzi If you have spent any time hanging around the Army, you know that Soldiers are infamous for their rampant use of inordinately long acronyms that stand for phrases nobody can seem to remember. For the uninitiated, it is easy to feel as though you have entered a foreign country when trying [...]

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North Thurston Public Schools Kicks Off Compassion Initiative

  By Katie Doolittle When students at South Bay Elementary in Lacey recently went outside to plant a garden, there was a special mission involved: compassion. “Help people, even if you don’t like them,” said Siana a third grader in describing her wish for the world. Siana and 555 of her South Bay classmates wrote [...]

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Lucia Perillo: World Class Poet

  By Alec Clayton Who knew we had a world-class poet right here in Olympia? Her name is Lucia Perillo. Her talent and prestige are remarkable. No less a luminary than Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States, said, “It is a delight to wander with [Perillo] into strange and imaginative territories. Always, [...]

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Kevin Vasereno Still Living The Dream Aboard His Charter Fishing Boat in Westport

  By Gail Wood At age 12, Kevin Vasereno first started working as a deck hand on a charter fishing boat in Westport. Forty-seven years later Vasereno is still living the dream, working a job that most everyone else calls a vacation. “Where do all the years go,” Vasereno questioned. “I’m still loving it.” For [...]

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Everything Old is New Again – Lost Arts Become Today’s Hobbies

  By Kathryn Millhorn Don’t throw the past away, you might need it some rainy day, dreams can come true again, when everything old is new again… wrote Peter Allen in his famous song. Life seems to move in cycles, be it clothing, politics, baby names, hairstyles, or hobbies.  What was the height of fashion [...]

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High School Students From Across The State Coming to Olympia For A State Leadership Conference

  By Gail Wood About 900 high school students from across the state will come to Olympia for a three-day leadership conference Friday, sharing insights to fundraisers, helping-hand projects like food drives and other community service events. The objective is to learn from others. “Our theme this year is capitalizing on leadership,” said Tyler Bonnell, [...]

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