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Tumwater High School Sweethearts Look Back to High School Life in the 1960s

  By Katie Doolittle 1965: a great time to be a Tumwater T-Bird. The fledgling high school had tons of support from the close-knit community. Proud parents packed the stands to cheer on an already noteworthy football team. Students followed the strict expectations set forth for them, yet still found plenty of time to unwind [...]

The Comfort Letter – Writing Notes of Love to Accompany Non-Perishable Items

  By Nikki McCoy It’s that time of year again, to find the coveted Ticonderoga pencils, search out the fine-tip Crayola’s and the Star Wars spiral notebooks, making sure the kid’s have everything they need for a successful new school year. But what about the “other” part of the school supply list? At Olympia area [...]

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Pre-Planning a Year of Date Nights Centered Around Olympia

  By Katie Doolittle Scrolling through ThurstonTalk’s event calendar fills me with equal parts euphoria and guilt. Euphoria, because I live in such an amazing community with so many wonderful events and opportunities to enjoy. Guilt, because I so rarely take advantage of these opportunities. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the [...]

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From Kindergarten To College, The Ramos Family Relies On Catholic Schools

  By Gail Wood In addition to learning how to solve math problems, write an essay or study biology, Maureen Ramos wanted something more from the schools that teach six of her nine children. She wanted them to learn about their Catholic faith. And that’s why four of her children will attend Holy Family, one [...]

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Diane Hall Creates a Culture of Kindness at Peter G. Schmidt Elementary and Beyond

  By Kate Scriven School may be out for the summer, but Diane Hall’s students will still be using what she has taught them this year.  As the Writing Specialist at Peter G. Schmidt Elementary in Tumwater, Hall’s students will be diving into new books, reading restaurant menus, writing journal entries and more.  Reading is [...]

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Saint Martin’s University Gathers for Orientation

  By Morgan Willie Incoming freshmen and their parents were warmly welcomed at the Saint Martin’s University Orientation by a magnitude of helpful students on August 22. The event was easy, and steady-going. A family would drive up to the back doors of Parsons Hall, unload a few things, and let the orientation crew handle [...]

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Students Find A Challenge Worth Chasing At Serendipity Academy

  By Gail Wood Three years ago,  Lynnette McCarty and her husband opened a private elementary school in Tumwater, fulfilling their dream and giving parents an option to schooling their children. The school’s mission is to ensure each student’s success. To fulfill that goal, Serendipity Academy, with its certified and passionate teaching staff, creates a [...]

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Panorama Residents’ New Careers as Volunteers

  By Eric Wilson-Edge Some people never truly retire. These people occupy themselves with projects, hobbies or volunteer work. Panorama residents Jay Felzien and Ann Berry are part of this last category. The retirees spend a significant amount of their free time giving back. Their reasons are different but the results are the same. Jay [...]

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Shelby Adams: Embracing Everyone via the Universal Language of Music

  By Tali Haller Just six months ago, Shelby Adams adamantly told her friends, “I am not going to college!” Now she is headed to one of America’s most prestigious music schools, the Berklee College of Music, which has a 19% acceptance rate according to data from U.S. News. “I’ve always been inspired by music,” [...]

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Amanda Singleton – Graduating Top Ten from Olympia High School While Beating Cancer

  By Tali Haller Sometimes life takes drastic turns. At the end of her 2011 cross country season, recent Olympia High School graduate Amanda Singleton went from running with a few leg cramps to her doctor delivering life-changing news: she had cervical cancer, specifically Rhabdomyosarcoma. “I don’t remember my initial impression. It was just a [...]

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