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YouthBuild: Building Skills and Strength in Thurston County Youth

  By Barb Lally Skipping class, dropping out, hanging out in the street. Low self-esteem, no positive personal vision, no one to help. It is a recipe for a dismal future for youth who have fallen through the cracks from lack of support and guidance in school and in life. Change all that to earning [...]

Nicaraguan-Native Dana Creswell Starts a Swing Dancing Club at Olympia High School

  By Tali Haller Every Tuesday and Sunday, the Eagles Ballroom hosts a Swing Dancing Night, where adventurous Olympians come and lose themselves in the 1920’s-like atmosphere of lively music and old-fashioned spins, dips, and two-steps. The evening starts with a quick Beginning Swing Dance Lesson at 7:00 p.m., hosted by Christine Corey, with dancing following [...]

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Bake Bread with Pat Hains at Her Olympia Farmstead

  By Mary Ellen Psaltis For Pat Hains, life revolves around bread. Step into the kitchen of her farmstead in south Olympia, and you’ll be embraced by the warm aromas of classic baguettes browning in the oven. Inhale once and you’re ready to eat. Inhale twice and you’ll never want to leave. Bread is one [...]

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Davey Gagne Creates Art with a Chainsaw in His Hands

  By Gail Wood Somehow, in Davey Gagne’s hands, a chainsaw becomes a tool for creating art, not just a tool for falling trees. With a chainsaw, Gagne has sculptured a swordfish jumping from the water, an eagle flying and a bear pushing a wheelbarrow. Somehow, by using chainsaws with blades that are four feet [...]

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A Look at Thurston County 4H Leaders After the Fair

  By Libby Kamrowski Every year in the first week of August, the Thurston County Fair sprouts up in Lacey’s normally desolate fairgrounds. If you wander away from the rides, food trailers, and carnival games, you will find the source of all the mooing and braying.  These are the sounds of farm animals, and the [...]

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Centennial Train Station Volunteers Go Above and Beyond

  By Tali Haller Since its opening in May 1993, the Centennial Train Station, servicing Olympia and the greater Thurston County area, has operated entirely through the efforts of volunteers. And these volunteers are far from ordinary – they are some of the most dedicated, caring, happy individuals I have ever met. As a writer [...]

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Drum Majors Shine at Capital High School

  By Doris Faltys “Drum majors need to feel comfortable in front of the band,” says Dan Lundberg, Music Director for the Olympia School District and Band Director for Capital High School. “Our marching band this year has about 195 students. First thing in the fall we teach the new students how to march eight [...]

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Levi Bisonn – Behind the Steering Wheel of Life

  By Tali Haller Levi Bisonn is the epitome of someone who’s never grown up – meant, of course, in the best way possible. At the age of 18 and currently a senior at Olympia High School, Levi stills exudes a kid-like curiosity and desire to learn that can be easily lost by high school. [...]

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“Hey Dylan, the Governor’s Calling”

  By Tali Haller Ever heard those jokes that start “The President/Senator [Insert Important Person here] called. He wants you to __________”? Well, imagine actually getting a call like that: “Hey, the governor called. He wants you to play the piano at his event in two days.” Something similar to this actually happened to Dylan [...]

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Tumwater High School Sweethearts Look Back to High School Life in the 1960s

  By Katie Doolittle 1965: a great time to be a Tumwater T-Bird. The fledgling high school had tons of support from the close-knit community. Proud parents packed the stands to cheer on an already noteworthy football team. Students followed the strict expectations set forth for them, yet still found plenty of time to unwind [...]

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