Business Value Proposition


More than an online information source….’s Integrated Branding Platform Goes Beyond Traditional Media—Utilizing Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Strategies 


  • What is marketing? Marketing is the action of creating customer interest and promoting the products and services of a business.


    • How do we offer this?
      • offers marketing solutions for local businesses and organizations. We generate interest and promote your business and its products and services through professionally written content distributed on our website, Facebook, and Twitter platform. ThurstonTalk also provides a comprehensive online business listing service to increase your businesses visibility. ThurstonTalk further spreads your company’s name and services through our strong community ties and business relationships. 



  • What is advertising? Advertising is the action of producing advertisements to inform potential customers about products and services of a business.


    • How do we offer this?
      • offers advertising solutions for local businesses and organizations. Our website portrays banner and block ads.  We focus our efforts to attract local companies, staying true to our community.  Since our content is hyper local, your ad will be placed in front of tens of thousands of local readers.


Public Relations 

  • What is public relations? Public relations is the act of enhancing and maintaining the image of a business, its products and services.


    • How do we offer this?
      • offers public relations solutions to our customers in a variety of ways. ThurstonTalk speaks about your organizations with business and community members at Chamber of Commerce meetings and other networking events, such as Leads Groups. Customer case studies are also used as internal sales collateral, which are seen by hundreds of people in Thurston County monthly. ThurstonTalk also provides a platform for press release distribution–at no extra cost!