Kids think their parents know it all. Adults work, shop, fix things, tell stories, anticipate needs and put dinner on the table, all with seemingly effortless ease. But as we age, we learn two important things: how little we know and how to ask for help.

Senior Service for South Sound Care Connection
Care Connection carefully vets all of their service providers to insure they’re the best–and safest–fit for a client. Photo courtesy: Senior Service for South Sound

When caring for aging, ill or disabled loved ones, outside help is crucial. Thanks to the Senior Services for South Sound’s Care Connection, you don’t have to go it alone. Their goal is simple: “For families wondering what to do next, this program provides a connection to those needing in-home care with qualified independent caregivers who work directly for you. Our goal is to help our residents of our community remain in their own home or assisted living for as long as possible.”

April Slee, Care Connection Director, explains that their caregiver registry strives to build rapport for seniors who still want to keep their independence. With more than 65 registered and vetted caregivers, services can include companionship, personal care, meal preparation, grocery shopping, administering medication, diabetes management, physical therapy assistance and more.

Care Connection facilitates introductions between individuals and families with industry professionals. “we can also refer to other resources in the community,” says Slee. The program is paid for by the families as the program doesn’t work with or bill insurance.

Senior Service for South Sound Care Connection caregivers
If a rapport is built, housekeepers can transition into part- or full-time caregivers, assisting around the house and with mobility and medication needs. Photo courtesy: Senior Service for South Sound

Typically, services are divided into housekeeping and caregiving. For housekeeping, clients would call 360-586-4491 to arrange a 2-hour minimum visit. These can be on a regular basis or simply as needed. For caregiving, a $55 in-home consultation establishes the client’s needs and wants. Caregivers then come for 4-hour minimum sessions. 24-hour care is also available if needed.

Care Connection requires all of their in-home caregivers have current CPR training, malpractice insurance, drivers and business licenses and does thorough reference checks. Care Connection also does annual back ground checks along with the national sex offenders sweep on ALL Independent Providers on the registry. They don’t require a contract, so clients can stop, start or modify visits as needed.

And if a companionable rapport is built, it’s not unusual for light housekeeping services to segue into caregiving; most registry members do both. Slee estimates they’re called for each equally. “I’ve never had the same two calls but it’s about 50/50,” she says.

Senior Service for South Sound Care Connection
Care Connection matches local seniors with housekeepers and caregivers to help them Age in Place with ease. Photo courtesy: Senior Service for South Sound

Don’t let the little things wear you down when caring for your loved ones. Thanks to Care Connection, financial, emotional and physical burdens can be reduced to manageable levels for everyone involved.

To read more about Care Connection, download their online brochure, call their offices at 360-586-4491, or email


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