Northwest Sausage & Deli: Providing Local Holiday Traditions Since 1983

Northwest Sausage & Deli.
The Northwest Sausage & Deli platters are both delicious and beautiful. Photo courtesy: Northwest Sausage & Deli.

I love the holiday season – the sparkling lights, glittery decorations and laughter from family and friends really brighten up the long winter months. My husband loves it because it’s the only time we see family that live out of state. And I agree. Spending time with the family is something we never get enough of, especially during the holidays. Plus there are our holiday traditions to look forward to, especially when it comes to holiday food.

Northwest Sausage & Deli.
Richard, Northwest Sausage & Deli’s resident Elf on the Shelf is a bit more naughty than nice. Photo courtesy: Northwest Sausage & Deli.

Julie Pendleton, co-owner of Dick’s Brewing Company and Northwest Sausage & Deli, loves the holiday season because it brings back memories of her father, Dick Young, founder Dick’s Brewing Company. For Julie, working at the deli and brewery are as traditional as holiday fruitcake. “I was six years old when Dad started the brewery. So to me, the busy holidays here, seeing all the customers – that is the holiday season,” Julie recalls. “It wouldn’t be Christmas without the fun, bustling time at the deli, making all the gift boxes, smoking the turkeys. When I was in college, I’d come back just to work at the deli during the holidays because it was so much fun.”

County-wide Traditions

For people throughout Thurston and Lewis Counties, Northwest Sausage & Deli are synonymous with holiday meals. Many smart families rely on Julie’s family to provide the food so they can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their families. The deli has all the holiday favorites including beef sticks – because it’s seriously not the holiday season without cheese, crackers and beef sticks – as well as sandwiches made from turkey, roast beef, ham and pastrami. “We get a lot of customers that only come to us during the holidays,” says Julie. “Our products are a holiday tradition for them. So, if they don’t have the mild pepperoni in their stocking, it’s just not Christmas, they tell us.”

Northwest Sausage & Deli.
The Northwest Sausage & Deli platters are both delicious and beautiful. Photo courtesy: Northwest Sausage & Deli.

Their BBQ Pork tray is a holiday tradition in and of itself. “Customers come in all the time and tell us that it’s not Christmas until they have had our BBQ Pork,” she adds. “One customer told us that their grandma used to always order it and now that she’s gone, they come in order it to continue the tradition and as a way of remembering her. These stories are why I love working during the holidays.”

When it comes to holiday party offerings, you can have the deli provide the tray or you can get the sliced meats, beef sticks and cheese to place on grandma’s antique Christmas platter.

For the perfect holiday dinner, you can buy a whole smoked ham or turkey, precooked. You don’t have to even turn the oven on! And, it gives you more time to spend with your family. “We do Christmas Eve at our house,” says Julie. “I get one of our smoked turkeys and I don’t even reheat it. We just slice it up and have turkey sandwiches. It’s a wonderful tradition and a simple one!”

Northwest Sausage & Deli.
Dave Pendleton peeks out from the racks of custom smoked turkeys. Photo credit: Northwest Sausage & Deli.

If you want a holiday dinner that is truly memorable, go with their prime rib cooked or uncooked. To really make an impression, don’t forget to bring home a crowler or six-pack of crowlers, filled fresh from the tap at Dick’s Brewery and ready to pick up at the deli daily.

Julie is excited and ready for the holidays. She loves to work up front so she can greet her customers and fulfill their holiday traditions. After all, that’s what makes the holidays for her.

Large Gatherings Made Easy

I have six siblings, grown and married, most with children of their own. with aunts and uncles, our house overflows quickly making a group meal a challenge.

Northwest Sausage & Deli.
These big subs are perfect for holiday gatherings. Photo courtesy: Northwest Sausage & Deli.

Fortunately, Dick’s has a solution. You can reserve a table (or six!) at Dick’s Brewing Company for a family get together or office party. You can bring in outside food or order scrumptious Northwest Sausage & Deli menu items. A bartender will serve your guests from their amazing selection of beers while you sit back and enjoy. All you have to do is call to make a reservation during business hours or after hours for large parties.

If you would like to cater your party at home, just stop in and place your order. Please give them 24 to 48 hours advanced notice for most custom orders, but they have gift boxes and crowlers ready to purchase at the deli during business hours. Their gift boxes are an absolute treasure. Full of savory meats paired with sweet hot mustard – these scrumptious boxes are another holiday tradition for many families in our area.

Northwest Sausage & Deli.
These gift boxes make great hostess gifts. Photo courtesy: Northwest Sausage & Deli.

“We get customers in saying their nephew or daughter will be so upset if she doesn’t receive one of our gift boxes because it’s become part of their tradition,” says Julie. There is nothing better than gathering together to decorate the tree, wrap presents or snuggle up to watch a holiday movie while snacking on cheese, crackers and the deli’s fresh, local beef sticks.

Northwest Sausage & Deli will be closed Christmas and New Year’s Day. They will be open Christmas Eve, Sunday December 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

To put in your holiday order, call the deli at 360-736-7760. To reserve a table at Dick’s Brewing Company, call 360-736-1603. You can check out their party platters and gift boxes on the Northwest Sausage & Deli website.


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