If you are looking for unique, local gifts you can feel good about giving, look no further than Radiance Herbs & Massage. Conveniently located in Olympia, you can find perfect gifts made by small businesses throughout Western Washington. “I personally try to look for local gifts because I have family that live in Indiana and it’s fun to give them something they can’t get where they live,” says Karin Olsen, co-owner of Radiance. “It allows them to take a bit of my home, the Pacific Northwest, back with them and I feel good about spending the money, knowing it’s helping local businesses.”

Radiance only carries items that have been thoroughly researched by the experienced and conscientious buying team. When you purchase from Radiance, you can feel good knowing their products are sourced responsibly and include cruelty free and fair trade items.

Not sure what to buy someone on your list? Radiance’s knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect gift, even if you have no idea what a tincture is or the difference between lavender and thyme. “We love it when people come in and ask for help picking out a gift for someone,” adds Olsen.

Below are 12 of Radiance’s “favorite things”– all local, natural and affordable. Put a few or all of these together to make a gift basket anyone would love to receive. I know I would.

#1 –Transformational Flower Essence Sprays from Light Blossoms (Olympia)

Light Blossoms
Light Blossoms room and body sprays are scented with essential oils and make a fun gift for anyone on your list. Photo credit: Light Blossoms

Handmade in Olympia by Kristin Eventyr, these flower essences are a vibrational medicine that function within our own body’s energy field to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes.

Why Radiance loves this product: They are an amazing, vibrational medicine and Radiance is excited to carry this product because it’s made right here in Olympia. And, they smell delicious.

#2 – Lip Balm from Solar nFusion! Herbals (Olympia)

This skin care line is made by double solar infusing organic Calendula flowers (meaning twice the steeping time) producing a very rich product using the power of the sun. If you have ever made sun tea, you know the amazing flavor the sun produces. This is harnessed to create oils, lip balms, lotion bars and more.

Why Radiance loves this product: The Sun Crush lip balm is a wonderful, local lip balm. And, it’s perfect for stocking stuffers.

#3 – Crystal-infused Body Oils from Radiance (Olympia)

Radiance olympia
Radiance house-made crystal infused oils are the perfect custom blend for anyone on your list. Photo credit: Radiance Herbs & Massage

These body oils are made in-house at Radiance using a combination of jojoba, almond oil and crystals, thereby infusing the oil with the essence of the crystal. As always, Radiance can scent your body oil for free using their essential oils to create any fragrance you like, even combining several scents for a custom blend.

Why Radiance loves this product: It’s a totally custom blended gift since you choose the oils. The crystals give it a cool look and you can keep adding crystals to the bottle each time you refill.

#4 – Detox Tincture from The Herbalist (Seattle)

Radiance Herbs and Massage
The Herbalist has tinctures that can help you keep going this holiday season and also make a great gift to anyone on your list. Photo credit: The Herbalist

This herbal tincture company has been manufacturing herbal medicines since 1984 from organically grown and harvested herbs. There is nothing better than the gift of health, and The Herbalist has tinctures to help everyone feel better.

Why Radiance loves this product: We love buying from The Herbalist because they have wonderful formulas with just the right balance of ingredients. In particular, they have a detox tincture that might be good for after the holidays and a few immune system formulas that are great for our busy winter season.

#5 – Immune Support Spray by Fungi Perfecti (Olympia)

Mushroom hunting is a big deal for many locals with the surrounding forests full of all varieties. Chances are you have a mycophile on your gift list. Fungi Perfecti is a local company that makes medicinal mushroom products.

Why Radiance loves this product: While you may not think of this as a gift, one of our favorite things is their micro-shield immune support spray. It comes in cinnamon, licorice or peppermint flavors. The Peppermint is a great breathe mint and perfect holiday stocking stuffer.

#6 – Specialty Tea blends by Radiance (Olympia)

Radiance Herbs and Massage
Radiance blends their own teas in-house. Photo credit: Radiance Herbs and Massage

Radiance carries over 300 different teas, herbs and culinary spices. Made in Olympia by Radiance, the teas are focused on flavor and medicinal properties. Tea is always a great gift (make a basket with a tea cup and a tea strainer) for a hostess, co-worker or family member.

Why Radiance loves this product: Our teas are beautifully packaged for gift-giving with the Radiance label on them. This makes it a nice gift for out-of-towners, so they can take a little piece of Olympia with them when they leave. They also make great stocking stuffers.

#7 – Candles by Big Dipper Wax Works (Seattle)

Radiance Olympia
Candles are a perfect addition to any gift basket or a wonderful hostess gift.
Photo credit: Big Dipper Wax Works Candles

These are not your average beeswax candles. They are made of 100 percent beeswax and cotton wicks. The scented candles are infused with 100 percent essential oils (no artificial fragrances or other ingredients here). Holiday aromatherapy scents include spruce and fir; peppermint and birch; and cinnamon, orange and clove bud.

Why Radiance loves this product: The candles smell amazing. And, they are just beautiful to look at, especially their holiday sculpted candles that include decorative ornaments and white, red and green pinecones. These make the perfect hostess or teacher gift.

#8 – Lotions, Shampoos and More from Alaffia (Tumwater)

Alaffia offers a wide array of natural products benefiting the women and families of Togo. Photo courtesy: Alaffia

There are lots of skin care products out there. Made in Tumwater, Alaffia skin care is special due to where and how they source their ingredients. Allafia purchases shea butter from women’s collectives in Togo, Africa that Allaffia has helped form and supports on an on-going basis. These collectives allow the women control over the economic commerce associated with the ancient practice of cultivating shea nuts into shea butter and then into healthy products. With Allafia’s products, you are not just giving someone a quality gift. You are giving the gift of independence and a future to women and families on the other side of the world.

Why Radiance loves this product: When you purchase products from Alaffia, you are contributing to the advancement of women Africa. You have to buy shampoo and body wash anyway, why not do some good with your purchase? A few of these products together make a wonderful spa gift basket, too.

#9 – Incense from Rosarium Blends (Shelton)

Rosarium Blends
If you have someone who loves incense on your list, explore the unique, original formulas of Rosarium Blends. Photo credit: Rosarium Blends

This local company makes unique ritual incense blends using essential oil blends in their original recipes – you won’t find these aromas anywhere else.  Rosarium’s owner, Catamara, is a Master Herbalist and is passionate about creating products that not only smell wonderful, but have positive impact when used in ritual work, meditation and personal embodiment and to anoint ritual objects.

Why Radiance loves this product: Incense is a fun holiday gift, especially from this company. They have a bit of a magical quality about them that just seems to fit with the season. The receiver will think of you each time they burn their incense.

#10 – Bath Fizzies from Riverdance Soapworks (Shelton)

Riverdance makes a range of body care products in Shelton with all products made using green production techniques and cruelty free ingredients. Radiance carries their bath fizzies, made with 100% pure essential oils so you know they are safe for everyone in the family from grandma to baby.

Why Radiance loves this product: They are so fun! Handmade bath fizzies and bath bombs make a perfect gift because we all need more relaxation in our lives and doing it naturally is always the best.

#11 – Mineral Make-up from Herbs of Grace (Mossyrock)

Herbs of Grace
Herbs of Grace is a mineral makeup company offering toxin free, vegan makeup. Photo credit: Herbs of Grace

Vanessa Nixon Klein created Herbs of Grace, a line of mineral make-up, out of her study of natural medicine. All of her products are 100 percent mineral-based and vegan. No synthetics, no additives, no nano-particles – ever. It’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Why Radiance loves this product: It’s so unusual to find a small make-up company. The Klein’s did a lot of research to learn how to mix the right minerals and her final product is phenomenal.

#12 – Massage at Radiance (Olympia)

Radiance Herbs & Massage
The massage team at Radiance Herbs and Massage invites you to visit them at their 5th Ave Olympia location where they can customize a massage experience just for you. Photo courtesy: Radiance Herbs & Massage

Massage packages and gift certificates are a wonderful stand-alone gift or a great way to round-out a spa gift basket. Radiance is one of Olympia’s oldest massage clinic, having been in business for over four decades. Olsen herself is one of the massage therapists who has been practicing for over 20 years. They do offer specials including a pre-purchase package where you buy five massages and a sixth is included for free. Who wouldn’t love this gift?

Can’t decide? You can purchase gift certificates on the Radiance Herb & Massage website that are good for massages or any products in the store.

Why Radiance loves this product: Massage is a gift that lasts all year long and is something the receiver can use when they really need. A special pick-me up for after the holidays and beyond.


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