The idea of owning an island may seem far-fetched to most folks. Thoughts of white beaches in remote reaches of the sea are indeed alluring, but by no means practical. Who has the time? Furthermore, who has the boat or helicopter required to access such a property? For these reasons and more, the majority of us will remain island-less.

But what if there was a different type of island to call your own? One a short distance from our city. One easily accessed by a small boat docked at an included slip. One covered with countless moss-laden trees and a plethora of Northwest foliage. A private oasis of this nature doesn’t seem likely to exist in Olympia’s backyard, but I assure you it does.

And, it is for sale.

Island for sale
The island sits just across from the mainland on the waters of Lake St. Clair Photo credit: Virgil Adams Real Estate

John and Kathy Evans bought the island on Lake St. Clair in the early 90s. John is a partner at NDC Timber, a full service timber harvesting company. “We were looking for projects to develop, but we also saw it as a neat place for the family to use,” he explained about the purchase.

Nearly four acres of undisturbed timber and lush vegetation make up the island. It is reachable by boat only. Included in the sale of the property is a dock and small boat house on the main land to shelter your transportation. A quick paddle across the water leads to the island’s dock. At the end of the dock sits a modest, one-room cedar cabin. The honey-colored wooden walls are lit in the evening solely by the flames of a wood-burning fireplace in the center of the room. There is no electricity currently on the island, but a septic system has been installed.

Lake St. Clair Island
The dock on the island leads directly to the front door of the charming cabin. Photo credit: Virgil Adams Real Estate

Over the years, the exclusive forest has been home to many an Evans family campout in both summer and snow. The isle has been exploration territory to Boy Scout troupes on numerous occasions, allowing the boys to earn their badges. It has also been home to bouts of capture the flag to benefit various local charities. “It’s something you simply cannot find anywhere else,” Evans said of his wooded retreat.

While parting ways with the island is bittersweet, the family is excited to see what someone else might do with the property. Amy, daughter of John and Kathy, would love to see a home built using timber from the trees on the island. “It’s my own version of a Northwest fairytale,” she says. Realtor and listing agent for the property, Courtney Drennon, envisioned it as a picaresque location for small weddings or a unique vacation rental. The options are truly endless.

Virgil Adams Real Estate
The private island is accessible by way of boat only. The canoe, pictured here, rests quietly on the serene waters of Lake St. Clair. Photo credit: Virgil Adams Real Estate

The Evans family also owns the house across the water on the mainland. While it is not included for sale on the current listing, the purchase of both properties together is up for discussion. The mainland cabin is furnished with new windows, updated doors, a cozy propane fireplace, and a large dock. Appliances include a washer and dryer, oven and refrigerator. To see a virtual tour of both the house and the island, click here.

The island is home to many species of birds. And there have been reports of deer crossing the water for a visit on occasion. The water surrounding the island is part of a no-wake zone at Lake St. Clair making it perfect for fishing. There are, of course, plenty of walking trails to explore as well. The allure of the wooded island is not limited to buyers in Thurston County. It was recently featured in the summer issue of Private Islands Magazine.

Lake St. Clair island
The outdoor fire pit is equipped with a small stage for telling ghost stories after dark. Photo credit: Virgil Adams Real Estate

Whether you are a lover of the outdoors seeking a serene hideout or a visionary with dreams of a woodland cottage in a secluded private forest, the island is calling. John described the perfect buyer as “Someone who wants to be one with nature, but doesn’t have to venture to far from home to do so.”

While I’m daydreaming of cabins and cookouts on the island, you can find all the impertinent details about the property in the real estate listing. To whoever dares to adventure enough to acquire this beautiful property to call their own, please invite me to the island-warming party.

5005 Thompson Lane SE
Olympia, WA 98513

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