Submitted by YWCA Olympia

YWCA of Olympia invites the community to participate in the #WhyIFeelEmpowered Instagram campaign to eliminate barriers to empowerment.

This Instagram campaign, hosted by YWCA’s Participatory Action Research group, will raise confidence and self-esteem among youth in our community. Using the hashtag #WhyIFeelEmpowered, women, girls and femme folks can post pictures of themselves feeling empowered. From “being unbreakable” to “performing,” these reasons of empowerment send a positive message.

Young ladies helping at a YWCA booth. Photo courtesy: YWCA Olympia

The Participatory Action Research program (YPAR) consists of young girls who are yearning to make a change in their community. Currently, they are researching barriers to empowerment using participatory research methods. After analyzing the data, they will carry out an action plan to eliminate identified barriers to empowerment.

According to YPAR member Kaylee Lam, “The #WhyIFeelEmpowered campaign will change the lives of many in our community. Often, many people feel disempowerment. Being empowered leads to higher self-confidence and a shield against oppression. Empowerment is different to each person and this campaign will show that. The #WhyIFeelEmpowered campaign is a great opportunity.”

Those who join the campaign will not only be empowered, but also have a chance to have their image featured in a gallery showcase.


  1. Follow @YWCA_OLY_PAR on Instagram
  2. Share your image of empowerment with #WhyIFeelEmpowered & tag @YWCA_OLY_PAR
  3. Tell us in the comments how this image reveals your empowerment!
  4. Contest concludes July 1st 2017; participants must be at least 13 years old.

For more information about the campaign, contact Steffany Brown at 360.352.0593 or

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