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“NOVA School is a hidden gem in the wooded hills of Olympia.”

These are a few of the words used to describe NOVA in the recent notification that NOVA School has been re-accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools. This is an important milestone in the success of NOVA and demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest level of quality instruction for our students and our dedication to continually grow and develop as an educational institution.

NOVA School
Science is hands-on and integrated into real-world problem solving situations. Photo courtesy: NOVA School

Accreditation by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) is the result of an eight year cycle of evaluation and continuous improvement culminating in a year-long, rigorous, directed, and intentional self-reflection followed by an intense in-depth peer review. The goal of accreditation is to help schools develop their strengths to provide the best educational experiences for students and ensures schools have the leadership and resources to support their missions into the future.

The peer review process brought eight individuals, including educators, administrators and business managers, to NOVA from Washington, Oregon, Utah and Nevada. Over three days on site, their task was to observe and evaluate our fulfillment of 14 standards – ranging from Program to Finance, Institutional Leadership, Enrollment Management and Human Resources – represented in our 130 page self-study. The Visiting Team made a recommendation to the Board of NWAIS which made the final accreditation decision. NOVA welcomed the recommendations that will aid in continued improvement in our operations and program.

NWAIS accredits over 110 independent schools in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, Alaska and British Columbia. Other NWAIS accredited schools in the South Sound area include Annie Wright Schools, Charles Wright Academy and Seabury School. NOVA School is the only school in Washington south of Tacoma with NWAIS accreditation.

Art is always fun with Mr. Flemming, known as “Flem”. Photo courtesy: NOVA School

Originally accredited in 2000 and reaccredited in 2008, we are very proud of the effort and tremendous work by the faculty, staff and Board of Trustees to earn this honor once again. The Accreditation Team reported that “families who have been lucky enough to be part of this community overflow with stories about the impact the school has had on their children. Students go on to high school and college from NOVA with a clear sense of self, dedication to their intellectual growth, and a genuine, deep, curiosity about the world. They engage joyfully in the world of ideas and possess the skills that will make them stand out in their high school and college environments. Parents recognize that these skills are invaluable to their children’s future, and remain committed to the school many years after their children have left.”

With attention to the recommendations and the newly adopted strategic framework adopted by the Board of Trustees, NOVA School is poised to build toward the vision for its future through its current planning process, and to ensure its long term place as a key educational option for families in the South Sound region.

To learn more about NOVA School, visit them online or call 360-491-7097 to learn more or schedule a visit.

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