Chris and Jennie McDonald of Lifespan Construction have created a culture of team building and collaboration between their clients, employees and subcontractors. Giving back to the community is a big part of their company mission. In 2003 Chris McDonald, co-owner of Lifespan Construction attended a monthly meeting for remodelers at Olympia Master Builders. He wanted to do something meaningful for the community and suggested that they find a community service project. Since he was the member who brought up the idea, he was tasked to find a project.

lifespan construction
Jennie and Chris McDonald started Lifespan Construction in 2010. Chris helped Olympia Master Builders develop a community service project with Rebuilding Together Thurston County. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction.

Chris did some research and discovered Rebuilding Together. The mission of the organization is to transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes. Rebuilding Together does everything from small home repairs for the elderly to building accessible homes for wounded veterans returning from combat. McDonald quickly realized that there was not a local chapter in Thurston County. Instead of a single community service project, a legacy was created.

Chris mobilized local remodelers and other contractors and formed a new chapter of the non-profit organization Rebuilding Together Thurston County. He was named President of the new chapter and served on the board for three years.

“It became bigger than I had even imagined,” shares Chris. “Bankers and accountants became involved and wanted to help fund projects.” Local companies donate materials and labor is provided by both industry professionals and volunteers from the community.

Today Rebuilding Together Thurston County builds much needed wheel chair ramps and patches local homeowner’s roofs. Recently the volunteer organization insulated some leaky windows for a resident whose heat bills had gotten so high they hadn’t been able to purchase their medications.

lifespan construction
When not helping Rebuilding Together, Chris McDonald completes remodeling projects. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction.

Rebuilding Together Thurston County holds an annual fundraising breakfast to raise funds for their projects. To donate or volunteer your group or organization call 360-539-7830.

Chris McDonald and Lifespan Construction donates labor and employee time to local Rebuilding Together projects. Visit Lifespan Construction at their offices and design studio located at 1941 4th Avenue East in Olympia.

Thanks Chris for helping to keep our residents safe and working to revitalize Thurston County neighborhoods.


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