The company culture at Lifespan Construction encourages positive communication between customers and clients alike. Owner Chris McDonald calls this the “H factor,” a guiding principle of the business that founded with his wife, Jennie, in 2010. What began as a husband and wife team has evolved into a very successful operation with 13 full-time employees. In addition, Lifespan contracts with many vendors and sub-contractors to meet the needs of their varied projects. Jennie is tasked with keeping the communication lines open between all those involved.

lifespan construction
The H Factor is a guiding principle for client happiness at Lifespan Construction. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction.

The Lifespan Construction offices and design studio on 4th Avenue East exude this Happiness factor. The setting is warm and immediately puts visiting clients and employees at ease. Harvard Business Review puts it this way “emerging research from neuroscience, psychology, and economics makes the link between a thriving workforce and better performance absolutely clear. Happiness has an impact at the company and the country level.”

Lifespan Construction puts this research to work each day. As Chris says, “Every company meeting begins with gauging our clients’ “H” factor.” He goes on to explain, “We decide as a team which employee is best suited to provide the client with reassurance or the communication that they need at each point in the process.” Jennie jokes that usually a little extra TLC is needed around the time of drywall installation. If you have ever lived through the dust of drywall sanding you will understand what she means.

lifespan construction
At Lifespan Construction, employees provide clients with reassurance and communication throughout the remodeling project. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction.

Clearly the strategy is working. As J.A. of Olympia shares, “Lifespan did an excellent job. Chris did an outstanding job of listening and responding to my concerns.” Another Olympia customer adds, “You are the most professional and kind contracting business that we have interacted with so far in our research.”

Visit Lifespan Construction at their offices on 4th Avenue East in Olympia and see how they can put the “H” factor to work for you and your remodeling project.


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