Lacey’s Aurora LASIK First in NW to Offer Contoura LASIK

The staff at Aurora LASIK, led by Dr. Jay Rudd, have the highest level of skill and offer the most cutting edge LASIK technologies in the South Sound. Photo courtesy: Aurora LASIK

Submitted by Aurora LASIK

The latest advancement in LASIK surgery has come to Lacey. Aurora LASIK is the first center in the Northwest to introduce Contoura topography-guided LASIK. This technology has been used in Europe for over 13 years.  However, Contoura LASIK was only approved in the U.S. in late 2016. As our friends outside the U.S. have discovered, topography-guided LASIK offers unparalleled vision results.

Contoura LASIK was developed to fine-tune the already successful vision correction achieved with wavefront-optimized technology. With the advanced diagnostic testing offered by Contoura, the laser can be used to treat irregularities in the cornea that were often left uncorrected. These irregularities, also known as higher-order aberrations, could cause glare and nighttime vision difficulties. In the FDA studies that led to Contoura’s approval, patients achieved outstanding quality of vision, leading 98% of them to say they would recommend having the procedure.

Dr. Jay Rudd helps patients see better each day at Lacey's Aurora LASIK.
Dr. Jay Rudd strives to provide the highest level of care to help patients see better at Lacey’s Aurora LASIK.

With our current wavefront-optimized treatment, LASIK results have been outstanding. In our initial four months with the WaveLight laser, we have seen over 60% of our patients achieve 20/15 or better vision. These numbers exceeded our expectations. With the advent of Contoura, the FDA data suggests that we should achieve at least this number of 20/15 patients, and also expect to see approximately 35% of patients with 20/12.5 vision.

We are no longer using 20/20 as our benchmark for LASIK surgery.  20/15 has become the new 20/20.  Who knows, with Contoura, we may see 20/12.5 as that new benchmark.  Aurora LASIK is very excited to bring Contoura treatments to Lacey.

As far as the patient is concerned, the Contoura LASIK procedure is no different than our wavefront-optimized treatments. Patients will still experience a comfortable, 15-minute blade-free procedure that will correct their nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism. But the real difference is behind the scenes. The detailed analysis of corneal irregularities requires multiple measurements on specialized equipment. Our team then evaluates the quality of scans and selects four scans that are optimal for treatment. The treatment plan is then created and sent to the laser’s dedicated network.

Aurora LASIK provides a wide variety of options to help improve your vision.
Aurora LASIK provides a wide variety of options to help improve your vision.

As extraordinary as Contoura is, the treatment is not for everyone. We only use the Contoura technology if we are able to achieve consistent measurements. This ensures the best outcome for you. It is imperative that patients have corneas that are not dry when we obtain these all-important measurements.  We strongly encourage patients who use contacts to discontinue use for at least one week and use artificial tears four times daily prior to coming in for your evaluation.

When we opened Aurora LASIK in November 2015, we promised to consistently bring the latest technology to our patients in the South Sound.  Contoura is just one example of how we are continuing to offer the most advanced vision correction surgery, without having to travel north to Seattle or Bellevue.

Contact our office today online 360-459-5274 or at to set up your free LASIK screening and see if Contoura LASIK is right for you.

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