Let’s face it: We all love to customize. Even our fast food can be tailor-made thanks to chains like Subway, Papa Murphy’s and Lime Berry. But most people think of custom clothing as either knitted Christmas sweaters from Grandma or a luxury of the ultra-rich.

Thanks to the skilled, knowledgeable team at Laura’s Alteration and Tailor Express, custom clothing is just a conversation away. Whether you’ve torn pages from a magazine or simply had an idea for that perfect item, visit Laura’s Capital Mall location to bring your vision to life.

Laura's Alteration and Tailor Express
This suit jacket is marked for where the customer wants it to be slimmed down in the shoulders and sides. Photo courtesy: Laura’s Alteration and Tailor Express.

With a Master’s Degree in fashion design and more than 20 years of industry experience, Laura begins the process with a series of questions. What do you want? What is the occasion? How many years do you want to keep the item? With these determined, Laura provides solutions customized to her client’s budget, explaining why certain things cost more than others.

Laura then provides reference images to confirm the design and takes a series of detailed measurements. This ensures that no pattern is required to begin the job and the customer “gets what they want, even better than they thought.”

This “If in doubt, ask” attitude can be seen in Laura’s team’s willingness to create, repair or modify everything from wedding gowns to dog collars and sneakers to purse linings. Looking for that unique dress for prom? How about the ultimate Christmas party suit? Laura’s can handle the task, often in only a matter of days.

Open seven days a week, Laura and her staff are always happy to answer questions or brainstorm the ideal creation for any event. Businessman Lapo Elkann once said, “Real luxury is customization.” Why not give yourself the chance to prove him right?

Stop by the shop inside Capital Mall or call 360-232-6348.


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