Volunteers Shine Bright at Capital Medical Center


By Margo Greenman

capital medical center
90-year-old Rose Tighe says that volunteering at Capital Medical Center keeps her young.

Volunteers come in all shapes and ages. But no matter ones age, ability, or interest, any time a person donates their time to a cause, it makes difference.

The volunteer program at Capital Medical Center sees a wide range of volunteers come through its doors. From bright eyed teenagers to experienced retirees, the hospital is backed by a strong support system of people passionate about making a difference. Volunteers answer phones, deliver flowers, help patients to their rooms, restock supplies, and fulfill a variety of other important tasks that help support the hospital’s patients, staff and visitors.

And, while volunteers may not receive a paycheck for a job well done, they are rewarded in other ways.

Rose Tighe has been volunteering at Capital Medical Center for 15 years, and, at nearly 90-years-old, Rose says volunteering has kept her young. “It’s my medicine,” she claims. Rose says she always wanted to be a nurse, and after her husband passed away, donating her time to a hospital was an obvious choice. Rose, who volunteers two days per week, enjoys many aspects of being a hospital volunteer, but she says it’s the people that keep her coming back. “You see all kinds of people,” says Rose. “I just love it.”

Like Rose, Capital Medical Center volunteer Stan Badger also enjoys the people. “I’m a people person,” he says. Stan, who worked as an accountant for the state for 25 years, says after he retired he wanted to put his newfound free time to good use — he couldn’t be happier with his decision. In his second year volunteering, Stan says he just can’t say enough good things about Capital Medical Center and the experience he’s had. Of the hospital staff and volunteers, Stan says, “I appreciate all the people at Capital Medical Center. The people are friendly and down to earth. I couldn’t ask for better volunteer-mates.”

capital medical center
Stan Badger enjoys the interaction with people as a volunteer at Capital Medical Center.

On the other end of the spectrum is Arielle Howell. Arielle is a junior at North Thurston High School and also a volunteer at Capital Medical Center. She’s been volunteering for almost a year. Arielle says a lot of her friends volunteer in the community, but what’s special about volunteering at Capital Medical Center is that it gives Arielle hands on experience working in a hospital, which, for her, is special because she plans on pursuing a career in the medical field. “It’s a great opportunity,” says Arielle. “When one of the doctors found out I was interested in a career in the medical field, he showed me how to do some procedures.” While Arielle will have to wait until college before she can start practicing medical procedures firsthand, the experience Arielle is gaining now will help benefit her future.

Volunteering is rewarding in many ways, and Capital Medical Center staff appreciate all that their volunteers do for the hospital. Of course, it’s hard not to when you have such a supportive team of selfless hard workers. “Our volunteers have great attitudes,” say Capital Medical Center’s Director of Human Resources, Dan Camp. “They care deeply about providing everyone who walks into the hospital with a positive experience.” To show its appreciation, Capital Medical Center says “thanks” to its volunteers in several ways. From a free shift meal in the cafeteria to special appreciation events during National Volunteer Week, Capital Medical Center loves its volunteers and is always looking to grow its team.

Whether you want to gain experience working in a hospital or just want to donate your time in a meaningful way, the volunteering options at Capital Medical Center are many. If you’re interested in volunteering with Capital Medical Center or would just like to learn more about the volunteering opportunities available, call 360-956-2541, e-mail michelle.butler@capellahealth.com, or visit Capital Medical Center online for more information.

Know a volunteer? Say thank you for their service during National Volunteer Week, April 12 – 18.

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