Treat Yourself at In Touch Therapy

olympia massage therapist
In Touch Therapy's friendly, knowledgeable staff is always at the ready to help match you with the massage that's right for you.


olympia massage therapist
In Touch Therapy’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is always at the ready to help match you with the massage that’s right for you.

When is the last time you did something just for you? Whether splurging on a birthday gift to yourself or pampering your body just because, In Touch Therapy provides Olympia-area residents with an array of services designed to relax, rejuvenate and spoil the senses.

Offering everything from deep tissue relaxation, hot stone massages, myofascial release and more, finding the perfect massage from an experienced therapist is easy at Olympia’s In Touch Therapy.

Founder and Clinic Director, Kenton Stuth, LMP,  says few things are as relaxing and rejuvenating as an hour massage at In Touch Therapy. “An effective hour of massage is equivalent to eight hours of sleep,” says Stuth. In addition to helping your body refuel through the restorative powers of massage, In Touch Therapy’s experienced, soothing staff works hard to relax all of your senses by making your experience at In Touch Therapy as calming as possible. “We talk to people in uplifting, reassuring ways. Our entire approach is client oriented,” says Stuth.

And, because massage relaxes and renews the body, mind and spirit, you’ll walk out of In Touch Therapy feeling completely refreshed – from the inside out. One 60-minute maintenance massage at In Touch Therapy is $75. If you decide you want to treat your mind, body and spirit on the regular, In Touch Therapy also provides new and existing clients with Maintenance Massage package subscriptions. Each subscription includes one or two hours of massage per month at a discounted rate for three months. But, don’t be selfish. Share the restorative powers of massage with an In Touch Therapy gift certificate.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you gave your body the break it’s been craving? Stuth encourages people to come in and experience the restorative, healing powers of massage and see how this age-old practice can effectively and naturally revitalize your mind, body and spirit – in just one short hour.

For more information about In Touch Therapy visit their website here, or schedule a massage by calling In Touch Therapy’s Office Coordinator, Shannon Monahan, at 360-866-8940.


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