South Sound Solar’s Perspective on Choosing a Solar Installer and Products


South Sound Solar-RoofBefore you invest in a solar system you should put some energy into selecting the right solar installer and products for your needs.

Not all solar companies provide the expertise, high-quality workmanship, and reliable customer service needed to ensure your system performs efficiently and provide the highest return on investment. Experience is critically important particularly solar installations in your local area.

South Sound Solar has designed, installed, and serviced over 300 systems, and has installed over 40% of Thurston County systems. Each solar installation is unique and should have a custom engineered design specific to the site. South Sound Solar is a local full service solar installation company leading the region in sales, engineering, design, installation, and service.

A solar installer should be able to explain the different brands of solar panels they install, along with the benefits and downfalls of each. South Sound Solar always gives preference to Made in USA and Made in Washington quality components.

“You really get what you pay for with solar,” Vice President Dever Kuni explains. “Saving $2,000 looks really tempting when your system will cost tens of thousands of dollars. But there is always a hidden cost. If $2,000 is the difference between a local installer who has worked with your utility and one who hasn’t, is it worth it? What if it is the difference between a mounting system that might leak and one with a perfect track record?”

Good solar installers will listen carefully to your solar goals and concerns and then recommend a panel that would best fit your lifestyle, budget, aesthetics and desired electrical output.

South Sound Solar proudly offers products from the two available Made-in-Washington Solar Panel Manufacturers Silicon Energy and itekEnergy as well as supporting local suppliers and vendors.  South Sound Solar intentionally keeps their projects local so that they can be the best solar solution provider for our local environment and economy.

South Sound Solar also guarantees their work, never subcontracts out and always encourages getting more than one bid. South Sound Solar is an artisan installer with a scientific perspective.

To learn more about how solar can work for your home or business visit the South Sound Solar website by clicking here, calling 360-352-7869, or attending an upcoming informational workshop.


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