More Thurston County Roads Closed for Water, Mudslide


Submitted by Thurston County Emergency Management

As more rain fell in Thurston County Tuesday, more roads were added to a growing list of closures for water over the roadways. A mudslide on Prather Road SW has also lead to road closures.

New closures on Wednesday, Feb. 19:

  • Tilley Road S at the “S curves” south of Wright Road SE
  • Prather Road SW between Lundeen Road SW and Michigan Hill Road SW due to a mudslide at Grunenfelder Road SW

Continued closures from Tuesday, Feb. 18:

  • Independence Road SW between Marble Street SW and Michigan Hill Road SW
  • Moon Road SW at 188th Avenue SW
  • Gravel portion of Anderson Road SW north of State Route 12                   

“More rain is forecasted for the area off and on through Friday, and more road flooding is a possibility, so drivers should avoid all flooded roads, even if they don’t see any road closed signs,” says Thurston County Emergency Manager Kathy Estes.

Reminding motorists that drowning is the number one cause of flood deaths, Estes lists the following driver safety rules:

• Don’t drive on flooded roads. As little as 18 inches of water can float a small car.

• Don’t drive around road barriers. The road or bridge may be washed out.

• If your vehicle stalls in high water, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.

• Don’t walk through flowing water. Six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.

• Tell a friend or relative when you leave home and where you’re going.

Flood Preparedness Tips and Resources:

  • Sign up for Thurston County Emergency Management’s Telephone Alert System for river flooding. You can also follow Thurston County Emergency Management on Facebook and Twitter.

o   Telephone Alert System sign-up:

o   TCEM on Facebook: ThurstonEM

o   TCEM on Twitter: @ThurstonEM


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