South Sound Solar Gives Chickens A New Roof

south sound solar


Submitted by South Sound Solar

south sound solarThere are days when it’s good to be a chicken. One day you’re living under white plastic sheeting covering old framing. The next day you’ve got a new coop covered by Washington-made Silicon Energy solar panels. Classy!

Here’s what happened: Larry and Barbara decided to go solar. No problem; it’s what we do. But, due to some data getting mis-entered, the plans went sideways. Kirk Haffner, our owner, went down himself to walk around Larry and Barbara’s property and figure out a new location for the install. As Kirk and the owners looked for a solution, Kirk’s attention kept wandering to the chicken coop at the side of the barn.

Larry asked, “Are you interested in chickens?”

“Well, sure,” said Kirk, “but what I’m really looking at is the coop; it’s the best site for your solar panels.”

Larry smiled. “We need a new chicken coop anyway.”

The South Sound Solar crew went out and built and new frame for the chickens coop so they could mount the Silicon Energy solar panels on the roof. The chickens got a brand new house with pleasant light allowed through the panels. South Sound Solar got to install panels without having to climb up on a roof (which is a nice change). Larry and Barbara got Silicon Energy panels which are made in Washington (buy local!) and have been proven to have some of the best longevity on the market.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Update: The Silicon Energy panels are generally installed in a “cascade” pattern. The panels slightly overlap so that they make a good roof. This means you can use an installation for the roof of a car port, or a deck cover, or a chicken coop. In the chicken coop’s case, Larry and Barbara found that the spaces between the panel layers let in a little too much rain when the wind blew. Silicon Energy has designed a gasket that can be added to keep most weather out. Problem solved!

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