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By Stacy Fisher

Puget Sound EnergyI have always been an avid swimmer and was eager to start our kids swimming at an early age.  These winter days (ok, fall and spring sometimes too) don’t always inspire me to dig out the suits and towels and head to the pool.

Each time we head off to a pool, though, I am reminded about how much fun my kids have floating through the water.  It quite simply is a sensation that cannot be matched in our little plastic pool in the yard (although I DO love those too) or in the bathtub.  Recently, though, my kids and I have been trying to swim more, improve our abilities and just get rid of some energy… and it is still awesome even in the winter.  Really.

Luckily, we have many indoor pool options in Olympia.  Many clubs even offer very inexpensive day visits for families and they offer special events as well.  So, dig out your suit and flip-flops from the back of your closet, and dive into one of these popular pools in our area.

South Sound YMCA – Olympia Downtown Branch

Our Olympia Downtown Branch offers some very unique ideas to inspire families to dive in.  Start with swim lessons and then progress to competitive swim team, lifeguard classes, or synchronized swimming.

A daily pass for non-members is $10 per family. Try one of these upcoming family friendly events:

Flick and Float

On the third Friday of each month, you can bring the whole family down to the pool, grab an inner tube, and enjoy a movie while you swim and float.  The next Flick and Float is scheduled for February 15th at 7pm and the movie playing is Ponyo, which seems particularly well suited for a family swim.

“This is a great inexpensive activity and just a really fun night,” states Youth Development Director, Tanya Bowers-Anderson. Family quality time is important these days.  “There are not many places that a family can go and everyone can enjoy their time.  Use the pool or use the gym,” continues Bowers-Anderson.

Easter Egg Dive

Coming up on March 29th, the Easter Bunny will be visiting the pool and kids can dive for eggs to win prizes.  This event is geared for children over the age of five.

The Olympia Downtown Branch of the South Sound YMCA offers swim lessons as well as family activity nights in the pool.

For additional pool information, including open swim times, click here.


510 Franklin Street SE
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 357-6609

South Sound YMCA – Briggs Community Branch

The Briggs Community Branch has two pools, including the large Main Pool that offers a variety of classes, open swim and lap swim times.  The second Activity Pool, is a wonderfully warm, family friendly pool.  The Activity Pool schedule can be found here.

Similar to the Downtown branch, for $10 non-member families are welcome to swim for the day.  The Briggs Community Branch offers family changing rooms and showers and comfortable facilities.


1530 Yelm Highway SE
Olympia, Washington 98501
Phone: (360) 753-6576

Discover Aquatics

The saline pool at Discover Aquatics is kept a little warmer than most (89 degrees!), so little ones can concentrate more on having fun than on getting the chills.  In addition to the variety of classes they offer, families can enjoy open swim time on most Fridays and Saturdays for $7 per person or $20 per household.  They also offer Parents Night Out on a monthly basis, where your kids can enjoy supervised pool time, pizza and a movie while you are out enjoying yourself as well.


110 Delphi Road NW, Ste. 102

Olympia, WA 98502
Phone: (360) 867-9283

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4 Responses to Dive In To Indoor Swimming Pools In Olympia

  1. Henry

    Sadly, there is lack of available swim time and space in Thurston County. The open swim times are very limited, not because of poor management or anything like that, but rather than there quite simply isn’t enough pool time available in Thurston County.

    High schools in Tumwater and Olympia have to transport students from the school to the pools for a high cost and rent pool time. And when the teams get there they have 10-15 per lane, with some swimmers having to wait to swim because there simply isn’t enough room.

    And worst of all there isn’t a public pool available any longer, with the closure of Tumwater Valley in the early 90’s. Remember the great Friday and Saturday nights there when you could be left with your friends to enjoy the pool, dive off the board, and play a little bit of football or basketball in your community pool. Sadly, those days are gone, and we are left with a community significantly worse off until we get a pool back again.

  2. marcy horner

    No mention of the great pool at Evergreen College. They have community passes and swim lessons for kids as well. Just $3/kid/day or get an adult punch pass. Need to check to see if the swim teams are using the pool for races or practice.

    • ThurstonTalk Editor

      These are all wonderful facilities. I’m thankful we have them in Thurston County. I think our own facility is at times mistaken for a student-only facility, however, the Evergreen State College Recreation Center has an 11 lane pool and dive well open to community members of all ages as well. We offer daily passes, punch cards, memberships, swim lessons, aqua aerobics, lifeguard certification courses, and are the home facility to four high school swim teams and two local swim clubs.
      Submitted by Andrew Beattie, Assistant Director of Operations at The Evergreen State College

      • guest

        Evergreen’s pool facility is OK, but THE SCHOOL ALLOWS MIXED GENDERS IN THE LOCKER ROOMS! Several visits there had men walking around the women’s locker room/sauna showing themselves while women walked around the women’s locker room and sat in the women’s sauna totally naked right along with the men. YUK! People don’t want their families exposed to that! I complained and was told the school doesn’t want to ask people what their gender is. DAH–they don’t have to ask gender–just tell people to go to the locker that represents what their own body parts look like. Its that simple and would be a much more welcoming facility to the public. Please change the policy! and let it be known so many of us will return to the facility.

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