2013 Festival And Major Event Calendar For Olympia, Lacey, And Tumwater


2013 Thurston County Festivals and Major Event Calendar For Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater

Thurston County hosts numerous festivals each year.  Mark your calendar for these popular festivals.  Weekend festivals appeal to your neighbors and also attract thousands of tourists to Thurston County each year.  As events near, stay informed on ThurstonTalk.com.  Links below take you to articles written by ThurstonTalk about the event or festival.

ThurstonTalk aims to be your source for positive information and events happening in Olympia.  If you have a suggestion for a story, send us a note at submit@thurstontalk.com.  For more events and to learn what’s happening in Olympia and the surrounding area, click here.  Add your event to our calendar here.

April 26 – 27 Spring Arts Walk
April 27 Procession of the Species
April 27 Dragon Boat Festival
May 18 – 19   Lacey Spring Fun Fair
May 19 Capital City Marathon
June 22 Capital City Pride Festival
June 27 – 30 Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Festival
July 6 South Sound BBQ Festival
July 17 – 23 Capital Lakefair
July 26 – 28 Puget Sound Senior Games
July 27 – 28 Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival
July 31 – August 4 Thurston County Fair
August 10 – 11 Olympic Air Show
August 17 Pet Parade
August 23 – 25 Sand in the City
August 30 – September 1 Olympia Harbor Days
October 4 – 5 Fall Arts Walk

November 29

Olympia Film Festival

Downtown for the Holidays (Olympia) kick-off]


Local Community Sponsors


8 Responses to 2013 Festival And Major Event Calendar For Olympia, Lacey, And Tumwater

  1. Cyndy T.

    There is also Olympia Bon Odori August 17th another good cultural family friendly festival in Downtown Oly.

  2. Kevin

    Very disappointing to see a lack of support for the Thurston county fair from a website claiming to be “Thurston talk”

    • ThurstonTalk Editor

      Absolutely right – we should have had the Thurston County Fair on this list. We have two articles in the works so stay tuned for more positive stories about this event.

      • Jessie M.

        Thanks for adding it. Our attendance has been way down the last couple of years so we would be appreciative of any support people can give.

  3. Jessie M

    Two items you didn’t include on you list are the Thurston County Fair and Sand in the City.

  4. Amy G

    I clicked the South Sound BBQ festival link and the article is from last year, stating the event is at Cabela’s but the BBQ festival link says it’s at Huntamer Park. You might want to update that.

    • ThurstonTalk Editor

      Yes. When it gets closer we will write an updated article about the event. Until then, we keep last year’s content up so that people can get an idea of what the event will be like. I’ll add a note to the article so that people know the location change.

  5. Brenda

    I was reviewing your festivals and major events in Olympia and noticed that you don’t have the Olympia Toy run on the list. It is a very large community event that brings in tons of toys and funds for local families. It is the first saturday in December.

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