Organic Wellness – Massage Therapists Release Stress Through Traditional And Thai Massage

Massage therapists at Organic Wellness provide relaxation and injury treatment massages at the comfortable Lacey location.


Massage therapists at Organic Wellness provide relaxation and injury treatment massages at the comfortable Lacey location.

When Jo Murray graduated from her massage therapist training program about six years ago, she jumped directly into operating her own business. “I got busy very quickly,” recounts Murray when describing how she moved Organic Wellness from its original location to its new home on Sleater Kinney Road in Lacey.

“I didn’t have enough hands and needed to expand the business to help me meet business demands,” says Murray.

Jo chose the business name, Organic Wellness, to accurately reflect her philosophy on healing – organic being a natural process, and wellness the body’s natural state of being.  “The body naturally wants to heal itself back to health and balance and as a therapist I act as a facilitator for that healing to take place,” she explains.

Massage therapists at Organic Wellness use only natural and organic products.

While most new customers arrive at Jo’s doorstep through referrals from other clients, Organic Wellness also focuses on pregnancy massage, injury treatment and will bill most medical insurance programs.  Murray states that her practice is medically oriented which attracts referrals from other health care providers.

With a quiet demeanor, Jo describes how a massage is integrated into the entire healing process.  “A lot of people see the mind and body as separate.  I look at the body as one complete being.  Feelings of stress, anxiety and exhaustion often manifest themselves physically within the body causing muscles to feel tense and sore.  During a massage, your body is able to relax and I am able to work on muscle imbalances and knots to bring balance back to the body,” she says.

Jo Murray, owner and massage therapist at Organic Wellness, offers both traditional and Thai massage.

In addition to traditional table massage, Organic Wellness offers Thai massage, done on a comfortable heated futon on the floor without the need for oils and lotions. “A Thai massage incorporates elements of yoga, stretching, breathing, acupressure, and rhythmic compression along energy lines. It is deeply relaxing and grounding, yet also energizing and balancing,” describes Jo.

“We really try to listen to what people want from their massage and then tailor the session to what we hear from the customer,” she explains.  With eight therapists and a flexible schedule seven days a week, new clients are certain to find a massage appointment and therapist that is a match for their schedule and needs.

“When I perform a massage, I am entirely focused on the intent I have for the person that’s here.  I create space for my client to feel comforted and relaxed,” summarizes Jo when talking about a typical massage experience at Organic Wellness.

Organic Wellness

1210 Sleater Kinney Road SE

Lacey, WA 98503


Open 7 days a week by appointment

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