This Week’s Favorite Features – Autumn Arriving In Thurston County


Is it really time to turn the calendar to October?  To remark on the passing of time is, without a doubt, an overused cliche.  Some readers may be thankful to move into October, starting a fresh month full of promise.  Others may be relishing in the seemingly endless summer.  For me, whose job requires constant attention to a publishing calendar, I simply am forced to adjust.  Add in (yet another cliche) that the passage of time is inevitable and we can all nod, smile, and be ready for October 1st on Monday.  Enjoy our editor picks of our favorite features from this week, all focused around Fall.

Thrifty Thurston Tracks Leaves Changing In Olympia

Even if the leaves at your home or neighborhood park are still a bright green, hold onto this handy link for a week or two.  This post helps parents explain why leaves change colors, with expert advice from City of Olympia arborist Tom Otto.  Then, use the entertaining ideas to record a leaf journal with kids.

Fall Arts Walk Welcomes Autumn With Vibrant Visual And Performing Artists Scattered Throughout Downtown Olympia

Another Autumn staple in Olympia is the Fall Arts Walk, slated for Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th in downtown Olympia.  Never been to Arts Walk?  Read this article to learn about what you can expect from this vibrant event celebrating the local artists and businesses in our downtown core.

Rutledge Corn Maze Brings Non-Profits To Haunt For Dollars

And, for many, Fall is not complete without a trek to a pumpkin patch or corn maze.  This year, Rutledge Corn Maze is teaming up with local non-profits to help raise valuable dollars for their organizations.  The non-profit organizations take over the maze five times in October.  Rutledge Corn Maze shares the profits from that evening’s haunted maze with the non-profit.  Click the link to see who is participating and pick a date to go out to the maze.

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