Yoga: What’s It All About At The Yoga Loft In Olympia

Submitted By: Doug Adamson


There’s been a lot of attention recently about yoga.  What’s it all about?  Why do people just love it?  Why should I give it a try?  Here are some answers from the people at the Yoga Loft in Olympia:



Q:  Why should I do yoga?


A:  Many people find it’s an opportunity to refocus and remove stress from their lives.  Others love how regular practice builds strength and flexibility. Yoga practice helps allow their bodies more freedom of movement through life. There’s also the mind-body connection.  Many people live life just from the neck up and forget about the body.  It helps teach you to have a sense of calm during life’s stressful situations.  The challenges of classes can help prepare you for the challenges of life.



Q:  I’m not flexible, overweight, and fear everyone will be looking at me…


A:  One of the hardest things for beginners is to just set foot inside a studio.  Yoga is a non-competitive environment.  Students turn internally and are reminded to pay attention to nobody but them.  When it comes to flexibility or body size, students are told to be ‘where they are’ and not judge themselves.  Yoga practice encourages the student to step into the present moment.  It’s difficult to do that when you’re thinking about the size of your hips.  Yoga practice also is equally built for strength training, not just simple stretching.  Yoga really helps bring balance to your body.  At the Yoga Loft, we have many different levels of classes.  There are classes for beginners, gentle classes, and classes for those with low-back concerns.



Free Thanksgiving Day yogo class
Free Thanksgiving Day Class

Q:  What’s it like to take a class?


A:  Students wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.  Students sign in, spread out a mat (one is provide for those who don’t have one), and settle in.  The instructor prepares the student through a centering exercise.  It’s followed by a warm-up, builds to an apex, and then cool down.  Classes finish with a relaxation called Savasana.  Many people leave classes with a profound sense of ease, peacefulness, and tranquility.


Q:  What’s it like at the Yoga Loft?


A:  The Yoga Loft is a welcoming and relaxing environment.  There are well-grounded teachers who have your best interest at heart.  With views of Capitol Lake, there’s an ambiance of peace, and well being. We routinely serve people who’ve never stepped foot in a yoga studio.  Classes are held 7 days a week.  Some go an hour while others extend and hour and 20 minutes.  There’s no commitment or contracts.  Students can drop-in at anytime.  Classes are $7 to $12, depending on the length of the class.  There are also savings options through monthly class cards or an unlimited pass.  Learn more at



Founders Patti Moore and Maureen Oar
Founders Patti Moore And Maureen Oar

The Yoga Loft is located at 219 Legion Way SW in Olympia. It’s owned and operated by Registered Yoga Teachers Patti Moore and Maureen Oar. There are ten different instructors who lead classes at the Yoga Loft including Patti and Maureen.  The desire is a safe and supported practice with an emphasis on individual needs so students and experience yoga with ease and support.


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