Downtown Olympia Gift ideas “for him” at $40

One of our reporters wrote an article on 5 gift ideas for $15 or under that are available in downtown Olympia a few days back. Since it was such a great success we decided to task one of our other reports with writing an article on four local downtown Olympia gift ideas for the “man” in your family for $40. Below is what our reporter came back with for his wish list!

Gravity Beer Market - Swing into the Gravity Beer Market and browse over 700 different bottles of beer! The Gravity Beer Market has a wonderful feel inside the store!  Roma, the owner of Gravity beer, will assist you in putting the perfect selection together to match your male consumer’s taste buds. You can learn more about the local Olympia business at


1001 E. 4th Ave.

Olympia, WA 98501


Einmaleins – Free parking is available on the side of Einmaleins building to make swinging into the Einmaleins European lifestyle store very easy. Einmaleins has many great products at way under $40 but one of my favorites is a locally made cutting board right at the $40 price point. You can learn more about Einmaleins at

(360) 539-6175

121 State Ave NE

Olympia, WA 98501


Old School Pizza – Some of the best pizza in town! How could you go wrong with a $40 gift certificate to Old School Pizza. I checked and they have them! How about mixing it up and getting a $20 gift certificate at Old School and a $20 gift certificate at Gravity Beer!  What guy does not like beer and pizza? You can learn more about them at

 (360) 786-9640

 * Old School Pizzeria is located at between 4th Ave. & State St. at:

108 Franklin St.

Olympia, WA. 98501


The Wine Loft - The first thing I noticed @ 4pm when I walked into The Wine Loft was how busy they were and how large their selection of wine on hand is in the store.  As I browsed the store waiting my turn to talk with the owners, Jim and Mary Jones, I was impressed on how well educated and  customer focused they were on wine.  I first spoke with Jim about a bottle that I was personally interested in that was $90 on sale for $40 (They have only 4 bottles left – and I just may go buy them all). However, since they only have a few bottles left we decided on selecting a new option. The wine he selected is Marietta Angeli Cuvee, Red Blend from the Alexander Valley region of California. The wine is at a price point that will also allow for an Old School Pizza gift certificate to round it up to a total gift amount of 40 dollars. Here is my advice if wine makes the cuts: Go down and talk with Jim or Mary and let them pick out a bottle of wine based on that special man (or) your likes!


401 Columbia St. NW

Olympia, WA 98501


All the above are locally owned stores located in Olympia that I believe provide a high level of customer service and quality product(s). There are many many more great local downtown Olympia stores to visit so enjoy the full downtown shopping experience!

Happy Local Thurston County Shopping

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8 Responses to Downtown Olympia Gift ideas “for him” at $40

  1. Vicki

    Is Jim the former owner of La Petit Maison??

  2. ThurstonTalk

    We heard downtown was busy busy Saturday. We saw great hits on this article with people searching for male specific gifts. I will add that we also saw Thurston County Beer related searches which could have been coming from male or female users so everyone wins!… ;)

    Enjoy the Holidays,

  3. Citizen1234

    Between your article here on gifts for “Him” and Trista’s post, this might be just the reason to come to Olympia to do some Christmas shopping.
    I’m sure that all your unique shops down there aren’t geared for just guys or gals.
    I don’t even drink but know people that do so should be able to get some help from the local shop owners.
    Looking forward to leaving the land of chain stores and strip malls and coming down your way for some cool gift shopping.

  4. Mian

    seriously?! gifts “for him?” ugh! please join us in the 21st century where women love beer, europe, pizza and wine. why the sexist and heterosexist b.s., people? why not gifts for everyone over the legal drinking age? you’re losing at least half your audience. oh, and trista: we like games and wind up toys, too!

    • ThurstonTalk

      Mian: You have a good point. Thanks for the input.

    • AWG

      Mian- Your response makes me believe two things. I do not claim to KNOW that the following is true, but I wanted you to know what passes through my brain when I read that nonsense:

      a) that you are a woman
      b) that this kind of knee-jerk overreaction to anything as arbitrary and unimportant as suggested gifts for the man in your life fosters the untrue and unfortunate stereotype that women overreact and behave hysterically.

      Indeed, we should be breaking down stereotypes, gender or otherwise. However, the 21st century has nothing to do with that. As well, please reconsider the notion that in the 21st century it is our duty to tip-toe so carefully around others that NOBODY may interpret anything we do, say or write as even the slightest, slightest bit politically incorrect.

      • Citizen1234

        I may have to agree with you AWG.
        Many take things personal and intentions are often twisted to prove an agenda.
        Tis the season to be jolly! Had Trista not posted I would have had no idea that such a cool and fun place existed and I might even have to thank Mian and yourself for making me re-read this.
        Looking forward to bringing MY MAN so we can shop for our grand’hims’ at WIND UP HERE and browse the local shops!
        Thanks you GUYS.

  5. Plenty of good games for your guy at Wind Up Here as well! A few my man and I have been enjoying lately include; Settlers Of America, Alhambra, and a bit more on the quick and simple side of games, Spot It!

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