Thurston County – Local Holiday Light Displays

*Editor’s Note – You have found a previous version of our Christmas light tour.  For the 2013 story, click here.

Once again it’s time to satisfy the cries of the children and find the neighborhoods with the biggest, baddest, and most decadent light displays around Thurston County.

The Tacoma News Tribune has put together a map of places to look at lights in both Thurston County and Pierce County which can be found on their website.  You can use it as a general guide.

We here at ThurstonTalk have discovered a few high-density areas that we would like to highlight:

  • Lake Cove (Olympia near Henderson and the Yelm Hwy, map) – Lots of lights and creative people living on this loop. If you don’t go anywhere else, go there.
  • Harvest Drive (Tumwater, near Henderson and the Yelm Hwy, map) – Numerous houses with lights and displays. Well worth the drive.
  • Ken Lake (Off Black Lake Blvd. on the West Side of Olympia) Lots of great displays and easy to find. One of the homes has a radio station you can tune in  to and watch the light display while music plays in your car. Very well done!
  • Burnaby Park – (off 22nd Ave SE — Cain Road SE and Burnaby Park Loop SE) Great neighborhood for a slow cruise through.
  • Nut Tree (22nd Ave SE, Nut Tree Loop SE) Nothing over the top, but a very nice drive through.
  • Cooper Point Road NW (out to about 50th Street) If you live on the West Side of Olympia there are some nice pockets of lights. Drive carefully when pulling in and out of the side streets onto Cooper Point.

Do you have a favorite area to look at holiday lights in Thurston County? Send us an email and we will add it to the list or make a comment below.

Also, feel free to upload Thurston County Holiday Light Display photos to our facebook page.

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