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Couple Celebrate 40th Anniversary With Redesigned Wedding Ring From Hartley Jewelers

  Submitted by Hartley Jewelers “My original wedding ring was just a solitaire,” says Peggy Miller,…

Debra Daniels Offers Insurance Advice When Moving to a New Home or Apartment

  Let’s face it, moving to a new home or apartment can be daunting.  No matter…

Thrifty Thurston Eats Out (On the Cheap) with Kids

  By Megan Conklin As the parents of four small, but decidedly hungry children, my husband…

Mead and Knitting Join at Skep and Skein

  By Lindsey Surrell Most bar-goers will tell you the same thing: you go to a…

Capital Heating and Cooling: Three Generations of Keeping the Community Comfortable

  Successful family businesses require dedication, expertise in a craft and relentless hard work. Transferring the…

Terra Firma Cosmetics Celebrates 10 Years of Natural Beauty Products

  By Rachel Thomson Meri Cain didn’t always foresee herself as the proprietress of a successful…

Olympia Weekend Event Calendar

  Fall was truly in the air this week.  And although the official first day of the autumn season isn’t until Monday, September 22, I could feel it in the cool of the mornings and evenings. …

Walking Through History at Tumwater’s Schmidt House

  By Kathryn Millhorn When the chilly autumn winds drive us indoors, thoughts turn to family, history, and community.  All three are embodied within a walking tour of Tumwater’s stunning, historic Schmidt House.  Tours are available…

Shelby Payne: Capital High School Alumnus Tells Your Story Through Photographs

  By Kelli Samson I want you to humor me here. Measure your life by total weddings attended. There are the weddings of your family members, friends, co-workers, co-worker’s kids. It can all add up for…

Thrifty Thurston Eats Out (On the Cheap) with Kids

  By Megan Conklin As the parents of four small, but decidedly hungry children, my husband and I make the decision to take the family out to dinner very rarely. In addition to the incendiary chaos…

Morningside’s High School Transition Programs Benefit Students, Businesses and the Community

  By Margo Greenman Making the transition from school to the workplace can be hard for anyone. But for individuals living with intellectual disabilities, the shift can be especially difficult. To help ease the transition from…

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